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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Smart cities on electronic paper: digitalized public transport information in Slovene capital

After world’s first electronic paper traffic signs in Sydney, Visionect Ljubljana set up bus stops with passenger information on eink displays.

Electronic door labels for a paperless and energy saving office

Creating a green workplace is no easy task. Helping companies achieve a sustainable workplace is Joan, Visionect's energy efficient electronic door label.

Sydney launches world’s first e-paper traffic signs

VIsionect and the Australian Road and Maritime Services have installed the first electronic paper road signs in the world in Sydney, Australia.

Trends in facility management: a need for an adaptable, long-lasting door labeling sign

We investigate: in an influx of digital door labels available on the market, what exactly are users looking for in a room sign?

Electronic paper shows its teeth in ‘Notice Nature Feel Joy’ exhibit

Read how Derby Museums' new nature gallery used one of our e-ink tablets to enhance user interaction with the specimens on show.

An ounce of digital is worth a pound of cure: Navigating healthcare facilities

Digital signs can make hospitals more visitor friendly and more efficient by providing up to date relevant information.

Relax, your campus is future-proof: important school info remotely displayed at a moment’s notice

Electronic paper noticeboards bring school life into the future with real-time information, digital wayfinding and campus-wide notifications.

Introducing the latest and best in restaurant ordering systems: Say hello to Geoffrey S, the perfect waiter’s assistant

The electronic paper restaurant ordering system Geoffrey S is truly the right hand of the waiter, counting its lifetime in days.

Expecting the unexpected: electronic paper shines at CES 2015

See everything that electronic paper had to offer at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Displays and notifications in business environments

Electronic paper signs make notice compliance in business environments easier.