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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Real-time truck displays provide location triggered ads, traffic information and more

New internet connected electronic paper truck displays provide location targeted advertising and GPS-triggered information on the road.

An electronic paper display for when Slack is no longer enough

We tested e-paper as the platform for streamlining the communication of Millennials, soon to represent over half of the global workforce.

Introducing the smart museum label for the 21st century

The AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display is an editable, wireless museum label developed on Visionect's electronic paper technology to replace existing gallery cards.

Singapore public transportation boasts arrival times on color electronic paper

Singapore installed e-paper information boards at bus stops across the city, discovering the advantages of Visionect-powered tech. In color!

Boston enters new era of wayfinding with solar powered e-paper screens

Boston now boasts a real-time information board of walking routes and local events developed on solar-powered electronic paper technology.

Electronic paper-powered system combats school bullying

Developed on Visionect’s epaper technology, Community HUB is an award-winning reporting system aimed at preventing school violence.

Visionect picks up the Red Dot Award for Joan Meeting Room Assistant

We attended the Designers‘ Night 2016 to collect the Red Dot award for best product design awarded to Joan Meeting Room Assistant.

Game-changing infrastructure: Orlando and Pittsburgh join London, Singapore and Ljubljana in adopting electronic paper bus stops

Among the cities tackling the issue of providing a better experience for public transportation users are Orlando and Pittsburgh, joining London, Singapore and Ljubljana in implementing electronic paper at bus stops.

Joan receives Red Dot design award achieved through innovative agile development

Joan, the meeting room scheduling solution by Visionect, wins Red Dot award for best product design, a validation of Joan’s innovative product development

Smart shelf labels, the retail game changer

Smart shelf labels allow for real-time analytics of shopping behavior and open the door to next generation services - when paired with the right technology.