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Color e-paper wins gold

The 32-inch color electronic paper display from  E Ink® has won the prestigious 2017 Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. An engineering feat, color electronic ink is a herald of a new phase in the evolution of ultra-low power digital signs, enabling a host of applications impossible before.

Year in review: electronic paper takes on the world in 2016

We look back at the year that catapulted electronic paper into the mainstream. From truckside displays to digital museum labels and smart urban furniture, e-paper was the technology on everyone’s lips in 2016. “Get ready for the world to be covered in electronic ink,” wrote WIRED in their 2016 article. “The technology is about to […]

Bigger, better, faster, more: Meet the 42-inch electronic paper display

The new jumbo screen is 10 inches larger than the biggest e-paper display currently in production. With a resolution higher than a standard high definition television, the 42-inch display introduces a host of intriguing new signage applications, soon to be supported by Visionect technology. Electronic paper is getting bigger and bigger – in versatility of […]

Estonian history now on electronic paper

The newly opened Estonian National Museum uses E Ink displays to enhance the visitor experience. The real-time, digital gallery cards are the latest in the series of technological advancements that electronic paper is bringing to the museum space. The installation of eink displays in Estonia’s National Museum comes as part of a wave of smart […]

Carpooling, the electronic paper way

BePooler, a Swiss company, is making strides in sustainable mobility by providing free parking spots to commuters carpooling to work, an important advantage in areas where parking is scarce. For the first time anywhere, these pre-booked parking spaces are clearly marked through the use of real-time epaper signs powered by Visionect. BePooler has partnered with […]

MIT spinoff reinvents the sustainable cityscape with just four bolts

Soofa, a spinoff of MIT, has joined forces with Visionect to activate public spaces in Boston. The result is the Soofa Sign, the bulletin board of the 21st century. The solar-powered smart urban furniture uses electronic paper to share information with the local community, contributing to the city’s sustainability goals. All this achieved by just […]

The European Green Capital goes smart and sustainable with electronic paper

Nestled between Venice, Vienna and Budapest is Ljubljana, a small modern city taking big steps in creating a sustainable living space for its citizens. The perfect example are the Visionect-powered notice boards installed in front of the Ljubljana Town Hall, promoting the city’s green events. The European Green Capital 2016 has successfully tackled the environmental […]

Architecture meets technology: the JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition electronic paper room booking solution

Visionect is exclusively revealing its JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition room booking solution at ORGATEC, the leading international trade fair for office and commercial real estate in Cologne, Germany. The brand new display features a 9.7-inch E Ink® screen and cutting-edge Visionect power saving technology that offers superb battery autonomy of up to half a year. […]

Indoor digital signs are getting a tailored fit: introducing the new Joan Collection

The new Joan Collection featuring three new indoor digital displays moves away from the one-size-fits-all philosophy to satisfy the needs of different company profiles and fit into their office ecosystems. The new Joan Collection of meeting room booking displays moves away from the one-size-fits-all philosophy to offer three Joan options – Joan Assistant, Joan Manager […]

Real-time truck displays provide location triggered ads, traffic information and more

Internet connected electronic paper truck displays powered by Visionect are taking on European roads, providing real-time, location targeted advertising and much more. Think GPS-triggered information on traffic jams ahead, the distance to the next gas station, and even notices about changes in road signalization. Electronic paper truck displays show  information-specific and actionable ads in real […]