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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com
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‘Sign of the Times’ brings President Trump into your living room

Meet 'Sign of the Times', an electronic paper artwork developed on Visionect technology, displaying the latest tweets from US President Donald Trump.
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Shape the future of signage. Join the Place & Play Early Adopter Program.

A cable-free e-paper sign with full CMS integration and a year of battery life. Introducing Place & Play. Join the EAP and shape the future of signage!

MIT spinoff reinvents the sustainable cityscape with just four bolts

Soofa has joined forces with Visionect to create the Soofa Sign, the bulletin board of the 21st century running on solar-powered electronic paper.


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Onethree, the 13-inch display that runs on the energy of a cup of coffee

Onethree is the first Place & Play digital sign, so power efficient that it will work for a year on the energy it takes to brew a single cup of coffee.

Electronic paper explained: what is it and how does it work?

Find out how electronic paper technology functions and why it is so energy efficient.

Sydney launches world’s first e-paper traffic signs

VIsionect and the Australian Road and Maritime Services have installed the first electronic paper road signs in the world in Sydney, Australia.


Ljubljana leads the way in a smart city success story

Ljubljana, the first city to digitalize its public services on e-paper, continues its commitment to innovative services provided on sustainable technology.


40 years of electronic paper: from prototype to a digital signage powerhouse

From its first beginnings at MIT to its use in e-readers and low-power digital signs, these are the milestones in the electronic paper timeline.


Year in review: electronic paper takes on the world in 2016

Year in review: From truckside displays to digital museum labels and smart urban furniture, e-paper was the technology on everyone’s lips in 2016.

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Delivering on the promise of electronic paper

Read about how to best reap the benefits of electronic paper by paying attention to certain axioms of creating an electronic paper signage solution.