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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Delivering on the promise of electronic paper

E-paper is proving capable of disrupting the digital signage market, but it takes an in-depth understanding of the technology to fully deliver on its promise. Find out about the challenges of deploying electronic paper in different digital signage scenarios and how to transcend them for optimal results. Abstract In this paper we look at electronic […]

How Spark core helped us make a Wi-Fi keylock with e-paper keypad for our office.

We wanted to see if current crop of Internet Of Things gadgets is ready for mainstream. We ordered a Spark Core module from spark.io to see how fast can one create a Wi-Fi enabled keylock that could open our front door. Spark Core is a small WiFi enabled board communications module with a set of […]

How to: 15 minutes to deploy e-paper room booking system in the cloud

Issues with meeting rooms spawned the need for a booking system. Instead of buying one we decided to build our own with the help of Google Calendar, CherryPy, jQuery, QR codes and our Visionect Server. We hacked a minimal web server together that encapsulates our access to Google with proper credentials and provides API functions […]

A home environment sensor

How we made a home environment sensor display from a Raspberry Pi and electronic paper DIY kit Matevž scraped together some hardware collecting dust around the office. A Raspberry Pi out of a fellow startup’s device, an e-ink display his startup is working on, and a Wi-Fi dongle from the internets. What happens when you […]

Kindle users, can your reader do this: Flappy bird on e-paper

Matevz, our frontend developer, got tired of failing at Flappy Bird on his iPhone so we set ourselves a challenge. Make a Flappy Bird clone for our V tablet. In an hour. This is the result. We put Flappy Bird on the electronic paper. Matevz, our frontend developer, got tired of failing at flappy bird […]

Deploying meteor.js apps to e-paper

First in the line of guest’s posts: Swizec, he geek with a hat explains his first experiences using V-Platform to create a grocery list application. I cook a lot and having a laptop or ipad right there gives me the heeby-jeebies. Water splashing about, lettuce flying, bits of pasta escaping the pot … one time […]