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How to Choose the Best CMS for Your E-paper Project

Visionect, 16 May 2024

Today’s popular signage solutions are power hungry, leaving a footprint on your electricity bill and the environment. What’s more, they’re not built to last. In fact, the average lifespan for an LCD used for digital signage is approximately 5-6 years before you have to replace it.

Visionect Place & Play low-power displays offer an alternative to LCD and LED technology that’s sustainable and long lasting. What’s more, these displays can be easily mounted anywhere without wiring or cabling, offering exceptional versatility.

To streamline your signage process, our Visionect Content Management System (CMS) offers a centralized platform to effortlessly create, manage, and publish content across all your indoor digital signage.

Knowing Your Project Needs

Visionect software is offered in three licensing tiers: Signage, Cloud, and Essential. Before going into the bells and whistles of our software models, let’s break down your needs by asking three housekeeping questions:

  • Are you prepared to manage your own infrastructure?
  • Do you already have a CMS in place for your current digital signage setup?
  • Are you planning on creating and scheduling your own content?
How to choose between the Signage, Cloud, or Essential plan?

After answering these few questions, you’ll be ready to explore the features of each of Visionect’s CMS licensing models to solidify your decision.

Discover Visionect Software Plans

Our Visionect Software Plans offer the flexibility to create, customize, and schedule captivating digital signage. Say goodbye to managing multiple platforms and embrace the simplicity of software that’s designed specifically for your digital signage needs.

The Signage Plan

Experience the power of cloud-based Place & Play content management that’s the perfect CMS solution for all of your content projects. Our Signage subscription is our most comprehensive option for creating engaging content.

Effortlessly design layouts and playlists that sync in real-time with your PC and Place & Play e-paper device. Once you have the perfect design, you can publish your content within minutes.

The Signage plan comes with some awesome exclusive features that are bound to enhance your content game:

  • An online design tool that enables you the creative freedom to create and execute your content to perfection. Background options, font tools, icons, and more give you the flexibility you need.
  • Content automation for configuring content to play based on location, time, day of the week, and more.
  • High-level security with trusted tier-1 server security protecting your content, data, and systems.
  • Our CMS can sync content across third-party LCD and LED devices.
  • Built-in player that requires no additional hardware to run our CMS and play your content.

Explore more great features in our “Revolutionize your digital signage management” article.

The Cloud Plan

Our Cloud subscription model is ideal for displaying simple images, showcasing an HTML link, or seamlessly incorporating your own web-based CMS through our application programming interfaces (APIs). Enjoy the VisionectCloud subscription for streamlining content from the cloud to your devices.

The Cloud plan offers the following great features that are exclusive to the Signage and Cloud subscriptions:

  • Hosted with a reputable tier-1 provider, ensuring the system’s reliability.
  • Supports automatic updates, making sure you receive the latest and greatest features with each software release.
  • Your system offers automatic scalability, increasing its capacity for each new e-paper display.

The Essential Plan

If you want to keep your content local and not in the cloud, our Essential software plan might be right for you. This option is ideal for on-premises installations and self-managed server needs.

Our Essential subscription offers standard security to keep your content safe while delivering remote management of your Place & Play devices, including easy configuration of your e-ink displays.

Editing content to display it on the Place&Play e-paper displays.

Ready to Create Awesome Content?

Visioenct’s CMS for our Place & Play e-paper indoor digital signage revolutionizes content management with its simplicity, intuitiveness, and universal accessibility. We’ve shifted the focus from hardware to content mastery by releasing a tailor-made solution that allows users to directly manage, upload, and edit content in real-time without requiring custom software fixes or system integrators.

Our all-in-one solution for integrated e-paper device management offers advanced features that empower users to create captivating displays tailored to their vision and brand, including:

  • Dynamic content editing
  • Versatile templates
  • Powerful content scheduling
  • Real-time data integration

Don’t Forget Your 30-day Free Trial

Don’t forget: Every Place & Play unit comes with a 30-day free software trial. Delve into the flexibility of e-paper and witness firsthand the elegant, sustainable displays with the power to enhance any environment.

Are you ready to create awesome content?