Place & Play CMS – Revolutionize your digital signage management

Visionect, 26 Sep 2023

The next leap forward in the realm of e-paper signage is here! 

At Visionect, we are thrilled to introduce our new all-encompassing solution: the Place & Play Content Management System (CMS). We’re embarking on this transformative journey on the 25th of September, giving you the chance to be a part of our Early Adoption Program (EAP). This is followed by the official launch of the CMS in the beginning/middle of October.

Here’s what you can expect from our newest solution:

Elevate your digital signage experience

With our newest CMS addition, Visionect now offers an all-in-one solution for integrated e-paper device management and content management. We designed the Place & Play CMS to empower every step of your digital signage journey and here’s how.

Our CMS solution offers everything you need to take your digital signage to the next level.

  • Advanced content editing enables you to tailor your content to perfection. From backgrounds to fonts and icons, you have the creative freedom to align your displays perfectly with your vision and brand.
  • Versatile templates and support for various media formats help you streamline your content creation process and ensure you’ll prepare materials for your displays faster than ever.
  • Powerful content scheduling and sequencing combined with a user-friendly interface make it easy to design a dynamic narrative that will captivate your audience.
  • Dynamic real-time data integration empowers you to showcase live data, ensuring your content remains up-to-date and engaging.

Tailored for e-paper

The Place & Play CMS offers features tailored specifically for e-paper, such as frame-rate control, progressive image optimization, and customized output previews.

Compatible with hybrid display environment 

Our CMS is not made solely for e-paper displays. It’s adaptable to hybrid display environments, seamlessly integrating Visionect Place & Play displays while also supporting standard LCD and LED displays.

Top-tier cloud infrastructure

To ensure the security of your data and maintain reliable performance, we implement robust security measures, optimize data storage, and establish system redundancy. Our cloud infrastructure also guarantees seamless scalability of your signage network in alignment with your infrastructure.

Early adoption program: Your exclusive opportunity

Starting today, our EAP takes flight, granting you exclusive one-and-a-half-month access to explore the capabilities of the Place & Play CMS. 

As a gesture of appreciation for your early participation, EAP members will get an opportunity to obtain a 14-month subscription. This includes 2 months of free access and an additional 12 months after the official launch. This extended subscription period acknowledges the pioneering spirit of our early adopters who help shape the future of digital signage.

content management solution

Embrace the new era of e-paper signage experience

Place & Play CMS is more than just a system. It’s a leap forward in the digital signage landscape, and we’re thrilled to have you on board from the very beginning.

Join us in this exciting journey toward redefining the digital signage experience. From hotels to libraries, from retail to wayfinding solutions, the Place & Play CMS is set to transform the way we interact with information. Enter our EAP and usher in a new era of digital signage management with Visionect.