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High-tech Twitter influencer art shows history in the present

From Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump, the Twitter quips of today are shaping the world of tomorrow. Keep up with the power of the Tweet on ‘Sign of the Times’, an electronic paper picture frame displaying the live feed of your favourite twitterati. And it can now hang on your wall.

Behold the power of 140 characters.

From the rants of the US president to breaking news and trending hashtags, Twitter has completely transformed how we talk and find out about important issues. Amplifying the voice of the individual through the power of the crowd, it yields the power to shape lives as a worldwide communications tool—so much so, it can sometimes be hard to keep up.

‘Sign of the Times’, now available for purchase, displays the latest tweet from any Twitter account, on a paperlike display enclosed in a high-end wood frame.

There is now a new way to track everything happening in the Tweetosphere. It is one that brings a touch of analog to the digital experience.

No need to turn on the news, no need to open your Twitter app; all you have to do is look at your wall, writes Mashable.

Hanging there is the ‘Sign of the Times’, a high-tech Twitter influencer art piece developed on Visionect’s low-power electronic paper technology.

And it can now become yours.

Real-time history, on your wall

The brainchild of Peder Dinkelspiel, ‘Sign of the Times’ was originally created to display the latest tweet from Donald Trump. The tweets are shown in a handwritten font, on a paperlike screen that belies the electronics that make up the device, seamlessly blending into its surroundings.

But the US president whose status updates are well on the way to being preserved in the National Archives, is far from the only influencer whose thoughts have an impact on the world.

‘Sign of the Times’ can display the latest tweet from any Twitter account—your favourite tech wizz, entrepreneur, actor, author or politician—or the latest mention matching a search string: a hashtag, breaking news or an individual keyword.

This makes the high-tech artwork much more than just a 32-inch paperlike display enclosed in a nice wooden frame. Rather, ‘Sign of the Times’ allows you to keep track of history in the present, harvesting the power of the Tweet in real time, on the wall of your living room.

Yes, your living room.

You can now buy ‘Sign of the Times’, available in limited quantities. Follow your favorite (or least favorite) twitterati from the comfort of your couch, show breaking news on a giant, Kindle-like interactive display, or transform CEO tweets into reception artwork.

After all, if it is not shown on social media, did it happen at all?


You can follow ‘Sign of the Times’ on Facebook and, of course, Twitter.