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JOAN Board, the meeting room overview on Place & Play

The Place & Play family has just welcomed its first end user product: the JOAN Board, a 13-inch sign providing an at-a-glance overview of meeting room availability. Meet the latest in the line of JOAN solutions, redefining how offices across the world are being managed.

The JOAN Board is the newest addition to Visionect’s award-winning JOAN solutions, continuing the mission of making workplaces smarter through the use of intuitive, sustainable technology.

Paperlike displays that blend into the office design are used to show meeting room reservations and book rooms on the spot, and can now also provide an overview of all meeting rooms on a single screen, brought to life by the greenest and smartest of digital signs—our new Place & Play signage family.

The smartest, greenest sign for the smartest, greenest office

Place & Play is the new digital sign from Visionect, the latest in the line of our pioneering electronic paper products, created to counter the convoluted signage process by combining mount, display and player in a single digital signage device.

The JOAN Board is the first end user application to utilize this breakthrough potential.

JOAN helps companies manage their meetings more efficiently, supporting flexible and dynamic ways of working. While the smaller, touchscreen JOAN displays outside each meeting room help employees by connecting with the office calendar and displaying meeting information, the question of providing an overview of room availability when not at the meeting room door remained unsolved.

Brought to life on the 13-inch Place & Play sign, the JOAN Board now shows at a single glance which meeting rooms in the building are taken and which are still available to use.

Brought to life on the 13-inch Place & Play sign, the JOAN Board is easily installed anywhere in the office, playing a role similar to that of information displays at an airport.

Acting as wayfinding for employees on the go, the JOAN Board is easily installed at the office reception or in the common room, playing an important part in making visitors feel welcome and reducing the stress of finding the way to a particular meeting—similar to the role played by information displays at an airport.

Companies can easily upload custom messages and images to the JOAN Board’s screen, displaying their logo, the thought of the day, or an important milestone coming up, communicating the company culture and brand on an easy-to-read, real-time screen.

Even more, Place & Play technology allows the JOAN Board to use so little energy that a single minute it takes to brew a cup of coffee for your waiting visitor will provide enough watt hours for a whole year’s worth of the sign’s uninterrupted functionality. This unheard-of power efficiency, coupled with a total lack of wires, creates the smartest, greenest digital office sign that is unparalleled in simplicity of installation and use.

Create your own breakthrough

While the first, limited edition of JOAN Boards is going like hotcakes, Place & Play smarts are not applicable to the office alone.

Just as simple to use as the name suggests, Place & Play is ideal for any industry, anywhere, able to display just about any message thanks to integrated support for all major content management systems and the tech’s ultra-low power consumption.

And it’s now easier than ever to create your own signage breakthrough on the user-friendly tech.

Set to make its public debut this fall, Place & Play will be made available to customers participating in the Early Adopter Program already in July, providing you with the perfect opportunity to create your own versatile digital sign and help set into motion a new era of information accessibility.

Want to harvest the power of meeting room information yourself? Find out more about Place & Play here.