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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Digital wayfinding, a means of connecting with visitors

Wayfinding is more than simply making sure people don’t get lost -rather, it’s an opportunity to successfully interact with visitors and provide targeted information. Especially if done on the right digital platform.

Trends in facility management: a need for an adaptable, long-lasting door labeling sign

Facility management of today is going modern by going digital. In door labeling signs especially, there is a variety of different products available on the market – but what exactly are users looking for? We investigate the trends in facility management to find out what is most important to proprietors when it comes to digital meeting room labels.

Ping-pong and circuit boards: Visionect opens its doors for Startup Crawl 2015

If you’d come by our offices this Friday, you’d see a couple of things: lots of name tags, some vigorous rounds of table tennis, and a lot of visitors being shown the inner workings of a tech startup. That’s because we opened our doors for the 3rd annual Internet Week Startup Crawl!

DSE 2015: Electronic paper is the new trend to watch in digital signage

We visited the Digital Signage Expo in Vegas, the world’s largest trade show for innovative digital communications and technology solutions.

Introducing the latest and best in restaurant ordering systems: Say hello to Geoffrey S, the perfect waiter’s assistant

Geoffrey S is an e-paper restaurant ordering system that can count its battery lifetime in days and is so simple to use it requires no prior training.

Providing food allergy information does not have to spell disaster

Telling your customer that there are potentially allergenic ingredients in their food is just common sense, prescribed by law or not. Such disclosure can be made simple with digital menus.

Tabletop ordering: The digital revolution in your favorite restaurant

Tabletop ordering enables guests in restaurants to order food and drinks from their table with a device or a smartphone. There is number of mediocre apps for smartphones out there and compared to dedicated devices they lack in customer engagement. Only 4-8% of guests order with their smartphone vs. 93% if offered a dedicated device.

Digital Signage: How we built an e-paper room booking system with Google Calendar

Issues with meeting rooms spawned the need for a booking system. Instead of buying one we decided to build our own with the help of Google Calendar, CherryPy, jQuery, QR codes and our Visionect Server.

High performance e-paper platform

You think that high performance on e-paper is not possible? The key is in the architecture of the system. Check out the videos and see real life examples of Geoffrey UI used in practice by more than 100.000 guests to order food, drinks and access information. All made possible by our high performance V-Platform e-paper solution.