+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com
+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Visionect-powered electronic paper reports zero failures

Running on Visionect technology, Sydney's electronic paper traffic signs report an impressive zero failure rate since first installed in 2013.

Carpooling, the electronic paper way

BePooler is making strides in providing free parking spots to commuters carpooling to work, with the helo of real-time epaper signs powered by Visionect.

MIT spinoff reinvents the sustainable cityscape with just four bolts

Soofa has joined forces with Visionect to create the Soofa Sign, the bulletin board of the 21st century running on solar-powered electronic paper.

The European Green Capital goes smart and sustainable with electronic paper

The capital of Slovenia, the world’s first green country and the European Green Capital 2016, is digitalizing its services with the help of e- paper.

Architecture meets technology: the JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition electronic paper room booking solution

Visionect in partnership with Adotta is exclusively revealing the JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition room booking solution at ORGATEC.

Indoor digital signs are getting a tailored fit: introducing the new Joan Collection

The new Joan collection takes room booking displays to a whole new level, tailored to be a perfect for for any company.

Real-time truck displays provide location triggered ads, traffic information and more

New internet connected electronic paper truck displays provide location targeted advertising and GPS-triggered information on the road.

An electronic paper display for when Slack is no longer enough

We tested e-paper as the platform for streamlining the communication of Millennials, soon to represent over half of the global workforce.

Introducing the smart museum label for the 21st century

The AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display is an editable, wireless museum label developed on Visionect's electronic paper technology to replace existing gallery cards.

Singapore public transportation boasts arrival times on color electronic paper

Singapore installed e-paper information boards at bus stops across the city, discovering the advantages of Visionect-powered tech. In color!