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Mike Broooman, Vanti, at ISE 2018: “Privacy shouldn’t be a bolt-on”

Why Millennials are not workplace disruptors, data protection in smart buildings and the future of Britain (sort of). Just a few of the topics covered in our interview with Mike Brooman, CEO of Vanti, an AV and IT systems integrator based in the UK.

We caught up with Mike BroomanVanti CEO, at the Smart Building Conference, part of Integrated Systems Europe 2018, the world’s largest AV systems integration show.

It all began innocently enough—with a tweet imploring the industry to stop “talking about Millennials as ‘disruptors of the workplace’ and ‘digital natives'”. “I find it fascinating that we are very comfortable running a broad brushstroke across a whole generation of people that supposedly work in a particular way,” explains Mike.

And data protection in smart buildings, are we taking the wrong approach here as well?

“In the smart building arena we are focused on product,” says Mike, “and we should be focused on the people experience. As soon as we start designing the people experience, we can effectively put safeguards in place around privacy that will not be the bolt-on that they risk being at the moment.”