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Steelcase at ISE 2018: “We don’t talk analog privacy because the solutions are not really technological”

How important is analog privacy in a digital environment? Matt Mead, Head of IT Innovation Management Office at Steelcase and Andrew Graham, Chief Innovation Officer at Designtex say very.

“It’s something that architects and facility managers are acutely aware of, but we don’t talk about it because the solutions to it are not really technological solutions,” says Andrew.

Steelcase and Designtex tackled privacy in the office with their Casper Cloaking Technology,  an architectural film for glass walls that blocks people’s ability to see what’s on a digital screen inside the room.

Find out more about Casper and how Europe and the US differ in their approach to privacy in our interview from the Smart Building Conference.

We caught up with Matt and Andrew right after their talk at the conference, which is part of Integrated Systems Europe 2018, the world’s largest AV systems integration show.