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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

A billion meetings on Visionect’s JOAN!

What a milestone: since its inception two years ago, offices across the world have booked a whopping 1 billion meetings on JOAN, our power-efficient, cord-free meeting room scheduling system.

From L.A to Tokyo, electronic paper rules the office.

A billion scrums, syncs, meetings on the fly, on the go, walk-ins, standups, weeklies, monthlies, board meetings, all-staffs, … A billion coffees brewed. All thanks to JOAN, the room booking solution from Visionect.

Share a fun meeting story

To celebrate the one-in-a-billion milestone, we’re giving away ten goodie bags, chock-full of JOAN merchandise.

All you have to do is tell us about the best, weirdest, funniest or craziest meeting you’ve ever attended. The more out there it is, the more we want to hear about it!


Find out how to enter the #billionmeetings competition here.