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40 years of electronic paper: from prototype to a digital signage powerhouse

The history of electronic paper, is rife with innovation. From its first beginnings at MIT to its use in e-readers and low-power digital signs, these are the milestones of the paperlike technology that is poised to change the face of digital.

Color e-paper wins gold

The 32-inch color electronic paper display from  E Ink® has won the prestigious 2017 Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. An engineering feat, color electronic ink is a herald of a new phase in the evolution of ultra-low power digital signs, enabling a host of applications impossible before.

Bigger, better, faster, more: Meet the 42-inch electronic paper display

The new jumbo screen is 10 inches larger than the biggest e-paper display currently in production. With a resolution higher than a standard high definition television, the 42-inch display introduces a host of intriguing new signage applications, soon to be supported by Visionect technology.

MIT spinoff reinvents the sustainable cityscape with just four bolts

Soofa, a spinoff of MIT, has joined forces with Visionect to activate public spaces in Boston. The result is the Soofa Sign, the bulletin board of the 21st century. The solar-powered smart urban furniture uses electronic paper to share information with the local community, contributing to the city’s sustainability goals. All this achieved by just four bolts.

The European Green Capital goes smart and sustainable with electronic paper

Nestled between Venice, Vienna and Budapest is Ljubljana, a small modern city taking big steps in creating a sustainable living space for its citizens. The perfect example are the Visionect-powered notice boards installed in front of the Ljubljana Town Hall, promoting the city’s green events.

The future of signage: electronic paper now supports full color

A breakthrough development in e paper technology now allows e-paper to show its true colors for the first time ever. Forget the RGBW filters: we explain how the new full-color electrophoretic display prototype works and why it represents an important industry milestone.

Boston enters new era of wayfinding with solar powered e-paper screens

America’s Walking City embraces the most advanced wayfinding sign in the country: a real-time information board of walking routes and local events developed on eco-friendly electronic paper technology.

A new milestone in creating electronic paper signs in large formats: the 32” development kit

Visionect and E Ink® have launched a new system for creating large e-paper signs: a development kit for designing 32’’ digital signage solutions, supporting the largest single electronic paper module in production and enabling the quickest way to a production-ready sign.

Electronic paper, driving the Smart City evolution

Interconnected digital signs are a key element in the evolution of a city into a smart living space. In order to support a truly intelligent and sustainable urban environment, however, signage should be energy efficient, independent from the power grid and have superb visibility – all conditions that electronic paper more than fulfills.

Battery lifetime of electronic paper signs

An electronic paper sign will go the distance when it comes to energy efficiency, counting its battery lifetime in months and years. Its actual battery longevity, however, will depend on certain internal and external factors explained below.