Meet the 42-inch electronic paper display

Visionect, 13 Jan 2022

The new jumbo screen is 10 inches larger than the biggest e-paper display currently in production. with a resolution higher than a standard high definition television, the 42-inch display introduces a host of intriguing new signage applications, soon to be supported by Visionect technology.

Electronic paper displays are getting bigger and bigger – in versatility of use and in size.

E-paper manufacturer E Ink®, one of Visionect’s main technology partners, has just unveiled a 42-inch electronic paper display, the largest size e-paper screen ever developed, at CES in Las Vegas.

Following in the footsteps of the 32-inch display, the new engineering feat overcomes the technical hurdles of large-dimension electronic paper screens, measuring at an impressive 25.9 inches wide and 34.8 inches tall.

Offering a high-definition resolution of 2160 by 2880 pixels and 85 dpi, the 42-inch giant is supported by e-paper’s enhanced clarity of image and its extremely energy efficient operation, making it possible to charge the screen with solar power.

42" e- paper display technology by Visionect.

The 42-inch display is the world’s largest electronic paper display, boasting a resolution higher than a standard HDTV’s and retaining the low energy consumption and paperlike readability of e-paper technology.

The technology will soon be available as a standalone screen, bringing “low power signage solutions in large form factors that can truly replace static displays,” explains E Ink.

The potential of the large display in public information, retail and transportation is indeed impressive. Last year alone saw large-scale electronic paper screens bring life to digital truckside billboards in Europe and smart bulletin boards in the US among other things.

A variety of other interesting applications is sure to follow when the 42-inch e-paper displays go into production later this year – joined by support from Visionect technology, making deployment of large custom e-paper signs a matter of mere days instead of years.

42" electronic paper displays for transportation.

Large electronic paper truck displays powered by Visionect are taking on European roads, providing real-time advertising and much more, from GPS-triggered information on traffic jams ahead to the distance to the next gas station.

An image of people looking at the outdoor e-paper display.

The Soofa Sign is an example of solar-powered smart urban furniture with a large electronic paper screen that shares information with the local community, contributing to the city’s sustainability goals. All this is achieved by just four bolts.

Here at Visionect we’re always moving forward and looking for new ways to bring you the best in electronic paper technology. While we’ve made headlines with our big screens, like the impressive 42-inch display, our indoor Place&Play also contains ready-to-be-used devices available in three handy sizes: 6″, 13″, and 32″.

They’re perfect for any spot you have in mind, blending amazing design with the outstanding battery life that just makes life easier. Whether you’re setting up a display in a cozy corner, making your message pop in a medium-sized space, or going big in a larger area, we’ve got you covered.

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