New decade, new focus: Visionect evolves into end-to-end solutions provider

Focus is the name of the game for the new decade ahead: Visionect evolves into end-to-end solutions provider

Visionect, 30 Jan 2020

There are more than 27,000 bus stops across Sydney, but only two like these, raves Australia’s Ten Eyewitness News, reporting on the eStops, the real-time bus information boards installed at two of the busiest bus stops in the city.

After more than 12 years in the e-paper signage space, Visionect is evolving from being a platform provider to being a focused provider of end-to-end communications solutions in the public sector. Visit us at ISE 2020 and see what we have planned for the new decade! 

We’ve said it before: if the world is going to be covered in screens, those screens are going to be electronic paper.

The technology has long ago become much bigger than just e-books, encompassing everything from meeting room displays to truckside ads, bus stopscommunity hubs and much more. This proliferation is made possible by the fact that there is only one display technology that checks all the boxes of versatile indoor and outdoor use. Electronic paper is robust, requires very little power and can be easily used in almost all conditions.

And at Visionect, we know exactly how to yield the most from the technology.

For over 12 years, we have been using e-paper to transform locations into smart living spaces – a mission that will continue with further improved focus on end-to-end solutions to improve the quality of living by providing even more effective, relevant and non-intrusive real-time information in public environments.

Joan Parking along with Urban Dual

What Joan is for meetings, Visionect outdoor is for the world

We know that Interconnected digital signs are a key element in the evolution of a city into a smart living space and are crucial in empowering the transportation industry to make traffic better for everyone.

In order to support a truly intelligent and sustainable urban environment, however, the signage should be affordable, energy-efficient and independent from the power grid. This is why you can already find Visionect-powered devices at airports, bus stops, train stations and anywhere else real-time information is needed. The technology has been moving mountains, operating in the most demanding conditions with an impeccable zero failure rate and an even more impressive low-power consumption.

So we asked ourselves: how can we best help others achieve what has already been done in the Visionect-supported smart signage hubs like Sydney, Auckland, Atlanta and Boston?

Empowered by the success of our end-to-end meeting room solution Joan and supported by increased user demand and a rapidly growing market, we are now stepping up our focus to work on end-to-end products that will create an easy-to-use and scalable end solutions to improve information sharing in public environments.

In short: What Joan is for meetings, Visionect Outdoor Display Solutions will soon become for the world.

All of our future products and solutions will continue to be built on Visionect`s cutting-edge, core e-paper technology, now modular and enriched with features that support the implementation of the Smart City agenda and plug into the ecosystems that application providers already have in place.

See you in Amsterdam?

To communicate the evolvement in our business focus and showcase the new direction of our products, we will be heading to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). Visit us in Amsterdam, February 11–14 at booth 8-E260, and see how Visionect public communications solutions can help improve the everyday realities of urban living.

Want to talk to us outside the hustle and bustle of ISE 2020? Drop us a line and our customer success team will arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help!

And don’t worry if you don’t have a ticket yet. Use our code 393583 when you register on the ISE page and get in for free.