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Bigger, better, faster, more: Meet the 42-inch electronic paper display
13 January 2017 - The new jumbo screen is 10 inches larger than the biggest e-paper display currently in production. With a resolution higher than a standard high definition television, the 42-inch display introduces a host of intriguing new signage applications, soon to be supported by Visionect technology.
Singapore public transportation boasts arrival times on color electronic paper
4 August 2016 - Singapore has installed electronic paper information boards at select bus stops across the city, joining the world metropolises that have already discovered the advantages of arrival information displayed on Visionect-powered energy saving tech. This time in color!
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If the world is going to be covered in screens, those screens are going to be electronic paper
23 June 2016 - The news is in, writes Wired: Electronic paper is becoming much bigger than just e-books. Supporting the epaper signage takeover is the reliable track record of first-generation products and the know-how of technology pioneers that make them tick. ...
Interview with Barrett Comiskey, father of electronic ink: “Our objective was to give life to the surfaces around us”
27 May 2016 - We chatted with Barrett Comiskey, one of the fathers of electronic ink, about the beginnings of the technology and what the future holds for the energy-saving display. Along with JD Albert and Joseph Jacobson, his co-inventors, Comiskey has just been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Jobs. ...