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Delivering on the promise of electronic paper

Read about how to best reap the benefits of electronic paper by paying attention to certain axioms of creating an electronic paper signage solution.

Joan receives Red Dot design award achieved through innovative agile development

Joan, the meeting room scheduling solution by Visionect, wins Red Dot award for best product design, a validation of Joan’s innovative product development

A new milestone in creating electronic paper signs in large formats: the 32” development kit

Introducing a new milestone in energy saving digital signs in large formats: the new 32” epaper development kit from Visionect and E Ink.

Year in review: 2015 showcases electronic paper’s versatility

2015 was a great year for epaper, from inspiring new products to the recognition that the technology got.

Did you know? Epaper holds an image even without power

One of the best features of eInk is the fact that the screen will retain the image displayed even when there is no electricity to power the digital sign.

Digital wayfinding, a means of connecting with visitors

Navigational signs do more than help people find their way in public spaces: when digital they interact with visitors and provide targeted information.

Jumbo signs created by tiling multiple eink displays

Eink displays can be combined into larger screen formats, creating the perfect digital sign. Read all about tiling epaper to perfectly suit any deployment.

Why does an electronic paper screen flicker?

Why can an e-paper screen sometimes flicker when updating content? The answer lies in how epaper technology works and the type of screen update. chosen.

Tenfold improvement of electronic paper signage

Deploying an electronic paper sign now takes up to 10 times less server memory than before, making displaying content on an e-sign more efficient.

Battery lifetime of electronic paper signs

We examine the internal and external factors influencing the lifetime of batteries in electronic paper signs.