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Jumbo signs created by tiling multiple eink displays

Eink displays can be combined into larger screen formats, creating the perfect digital sign. Read all about tiling epaper to perfectly suit any deployment.

Why does an electronic paper screen flicker?

Why can an e-paper screen sometimes flicker when updating content? The answer lies in how epaper technology works and the type of screen update. chosen.

Tenfold improvement of electronic paper signage

Deploying an electronic paper sign now takes up to 10 times less server memory than before, making displaying content on an e-sign more efficient.

Battery lifetime of electronic paper signs

We examine the internal and external factors influencing the lifetime of batteries in electronic paper signs.

Electronic paper colors traffic, retail and more

We continue our series on the how and why of e-paper. Learn about the most coveted of e-ink signage: electronic paper displays capable of showing color.

Do you know how content is uploaded to an e-ink sign?

A short explanation of how to upload content onto your e-ink sign so that it is always up to date and ready for your customers.

The writing’s on the wall: what’s next for electronic paper

The development of electronic paper technology is creating displays that can bend, appear in large formats and show color.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: the versatile history of electronic paper

From its discovery in 1974 to its present use, the history of e-paper is a captivating one.

DSE 2015: Electronic paper is the new trend to watch in digital signage

See the electronic paper signs showcased at the Digital Signage Expo 2015, including Visionect's new e-paper development kits.

Visionect’s electronic paper platform helps your digital sign bear fruit

Find out more about the system that runs Visionect e-paper signs and streams graphical data to their screens.