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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Indoor digital signs are getting a tailored fit: introducing the new Joan Collection

The new Joan collection takes room booking displays to a whole new level, tailored to be a perfect for for any company.

Singapore public transportation boasts arrival times on color electronic paper

Singapore installed e-paper information boards at bus stops across the city, discovering the advantages of Visionect-powered tech. In color!

The future of signage: electronic paper now supports full color

A breakthrough development in e-paper now allows the tech to show its true colors for the first time. We explain how the full color epaper prototype works.

Visionect picks up the Red Dot Award for Joan Meeting Room Assistant

We attended the Designers‘ Night 2016 to collect the Red Dot award for best product design awarded to Joan Meeting Room Assistant.

If the world is going to be covered in screens, those screens are going to be electronic paper

Welcome to the dawn of electronic paper: the reliable track record of first-generation products and the know-how of technology pioneers that make them tick.

Interview with Barrett Comiskey, father of electronic ink: “Our objective was to give life to the surfaces around us”

We chatted with Barrett Comiskey, one of the fathers of electronic ink, about the beginnings of the tech and what the future holds for the low power display

Joan receives Red Dot design award achieved through innovative agile development

Joan, the meeting room scheduling solution by Visionect, wins Red Dot award for best product design, a validation of Joan’s innovative product development

Year in review: 2015 showcases electronic paper’s versatility

2015 was a great year for epaper, from inspiring new products to the recognition that the technology got.

Joan Meeting Room Assistant is CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree for its eco-design on electronic paper.

Joan Meeting Room Assistant is CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree for its eco-design on electronic paper.

Sharing the city: CIVITAS highlights the use of e-paper in sustainable mobility

CIVITAS 2016 showcases how electronic paper can drive the development of a smart and sustainable public transportation system.