Place&Play CMS for e-paper devices

How to elevate your digital signage experience with Place & Play CMS

Visionect, 7 Dec 2023

We recently introduced Place & Play CMS, the pinnacle of content management for e-paper devices. Seamlessly integrated with our Place & Play e-paper displays, it offers a simple, smart, SaaS-based approach to digital content management.

With Place & Play CMS you can make the most of your e-paper displays and ensure they are more versatile than ever. 

Here’s what you can expect from our devices and CMS:

Swift onboarding and hassle-free setup

Place & Play devices are renowned for their cable-free setup, eliminating the hassles of elaborate installations. There’s no need for drilling or wiring. Our magnetic mounts ensure effortless installation on most indoor surfaces, creating a sleek, clutter-free environment. 

Once the devices are ready, Place & Play CMS empowers users with versatile templates and an intuitive UI to prepare content for their displays in mere minutes. The journey from unboxing Place & Play devices to displaying custom content is extremely short and simple.

Place & Play CMS

End-to-end solution

With our newest addition, Visionect now offers an all-in-one solution for integrated e-paper device management and content management. Our software suite now empowers every step of your digital signage journey with advanced content editing capabilities and device management options.

Place & Play CMS has been fine-tuned to maximize the potential of e-paper technology. It boasts a set of features tailored for e-paper displays, including frame-rate control, progressive image optimization, and personalized output previews.

Optimized for e-paper

An extensive array of customization features gives you the creative liberty to tailor your e-paper content to perfection, from backgrounds to fonts and icons, ensuring your displays seamlessly align with your vision and brand.

Then you can easily connect individual pages into seamless sequences that engage your audience with a dynamic narrative. You can also schedule the sequences to display on devices at a time and date of your choice.

Moreover, Place & Play’s versatility extends beyond e-Paper displays; it seamlessly adapts to hybrid display environments and provides support for standard LCD and LED displays, enhancing its flexibility and compatibility.

Place & Play CMS

Real-time previews for effortless content creation

With Place & Play CMS, you can easily create, customize, and preview your pages and playlists (which are sequences of pages). The real-time preview feature allows you to see your content on both your computer and Place & Play device simultaneously, ensuring a flawless presentation at the scheduled time and date.

Robust security measures

Your data’s security is our top priority. Place & Play CMS is built on a secure, cloud-based infrastructure. With robust security measures, optimized data storage, and system redundancy, your content is safeguarded while delivering consistent performance.

You can also determine the security rights for each sequence of content (called a “playlist”) you prepared in our CMS and want to display on the devices. You can set read-only rights or no rights for a playlist or for certain pages in a playlist and control who has editing access.

Comprehensive technical support

Anytime you have any questions or issues, our extensive knowledge base, step-by-step articles, and quick email support have you covered. 

Our tech support team’s primary goal is to always maintain a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) above 90%. Our team members act as educators, evaluators, troubleshooters, and collaborators to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Efficient infrastructure maintenance

Place & Play devices are exceptionally energy-efficient, running for months on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This flexibility allows you to choose the perfect location for your device and to easily replace the device with another if needed.

Minimal updates, maximum energy efficiency

Place & Play devices prioritize low power consumption by storing minimal data and updating automatically through the server. 

Further harnessing the efficiency of e-paper technology, the displays consume less than 0.1% of the power of traditional LCD displays. That’s because Place & Play displays only use power when you change what’s on the display or when they get updated. 

This display inactivity greatly increases the lifespan of the devices, resulting in an ultra-low failure rate and incredible longevity.

Visionect’s Place & Play CMS is a modern solution for elevating your digital signage with exceptional content management and operational efficiency. It will make your display devices simpler to configure and more versatile than ever.

Click here and experience Place & Play CMS for yourself.