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Revolutionizing the Museum and Library Experience with E-Paper Displays

Visionect, 30 Apr 2024

In the hush of a tranquil library or immersive museum, the visitor’s experience is often shaped by conventional, static signage like paper placards and poster boards, or intrusive LED/LCD screens that detract from the essence of the space: the books or exhibitions themselves.

Meanwhile, as the world shifts toward sustainability and accessibility, one solution stands out as ideal for libraries or museums: e-paper digital displays. A quiet revolution is underway that is destined to enhance the visitor experience by providing the subtle, sustainable, and adaptable signage essential for these environments to thrive.

The Advantages of E-Paper in Cultural Institutions

Traditional displays have been undergoing a reevaluation with sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The digital display industry is set on improving LCDs and LEDs to be more environmentally friendly by using less power and finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Meanwhile, not many technology companies consider the possibility that there might be a better solution altogether. With numerous advantages over traditional solutions, e-paper is setting new standards for digital signage:

Low Power Consumption

E-paper solutions run off of only 1% of the electricity it takes to power a comparable LED or LCD. Therefore, each display can operate on battery power, running for months on a single charge. For example, Visionect’s 13” energy-efficient displays last up to several months before needing to be recharged.

Flexibility and Versatility

Because e-paper displays can run months off battery power alone, they don’t require continuous connection to power cords to remain operational. So, these displays can be placed anywhere on virtually any surface and require no drilling or wiring. The average person can install the device in minutes and Visionect’s content management system (CMS) enables them to configure the UI with ease.

Elegant Design

While backlit digital displays might look great in a movie theater or arcade, they can be obtrusive in a library or museum​​. E-paper offers a timeless appearance with glare-free screens plus images and text that are easy on the eyes. Moreover, Visionect digital displays are made of high-quality materials for a classy look and feel.

In 2022, the Slovenian National and University Library faced a modern challenge: How to communicate effectively without compromising its timeless ambiance. Visionect’s e-paper displays seamlessly blended elegance with functionality and wireless flexibility.

Enhanced Accessibility

E-paper supports accessibility by providing high-contrast, easy-to-read displays to accommodate diverse visual needs. The screens are low-glare and non-backlit, which reduces eye strain, making the content more accessible to individuals with visual sensitivities or impairments.

Eco-Friendly Signage

Recognized for their minimal power usage, these displays boast a reduced carbon footprint compared to other options available in the market. Still, Visionect products go two steps further by using mostly recyclable and reusable materials, and also a low-emissions production process. Our team is always looking for ways to lessen our carbon footprint.

Visionect Place & Play technology saves museums from going through 200 to 500 paper gallery labels per year. These digital museum labels are as clear and flexible as paper labels, but without the waste.

Durability and longevity

E-ink screens use charged particles suspended in microcapsules, instead of emitting light like LDCs and LEDs. This technology minimizes power consumption and therefore the amount of heat each device generates. Such innovation mitigates the wear and tear on the display’s components, improving the device’s lifespan. Also, manufacturing the displays out of quality materials, such as aluminum and glass, further improves each device’s durability.

Remote Content Management

Visionect’s Place & Play CMS revolutionizes e-paper management and content creation by allowing users to create, customize, and preview pages remotely. With a versatile UI and pre-designed templates, users can create custom content within minutes and preview it on both their computer and digital display in real-time, ensuring maximum creativity and engagement.

Embrace the E-Paper Revolution

Museums and libraries stand as testaments that our world advances, changes, grows, and innovates. As the world pushes toward sustainable practices, e-paper displays are not only a cost-friendly choice but also a progressive solution to indoor signage that’s versatile and transforms the way we engage with information and culture.

Join us in embracing the e-paper revolution and ushering in a new era of sustainable, versatile, and captivating indoor digital signage.