e-paper and sustainability

E-paper Solutions: Where Sustainability Meets Customer Satisfaction

Visionect, 28 Mar 2024

Today’s businesses must embrace sustainable practices, not only for their environmental benefits but also for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Sustainable digital signage, utilizing ePaper technology, represents a key area where businesses can make a significant positive impact. Today, we’ll explore how ePaper supports shift towards sustainability without compromising usability or design. 

The Evolution Towards ePaper: Rethinking Digital Displays

The conventional use of LCD and LED displays is being reevaluated due to their significant energy consumption and operational challenges. For example, an active LCD refreshes about 50 times per second (4,320,000 times per day) regardless of whether the image is static or changing. An average display consumes about 2,592,000 mA, or 720 mAh of power every day. By contrast, Visionect e-paper display consumes 3 mA on average over a whole day with few image updates per day.

ePaper emerges as a compelling alternative, addressing these issues with its energy-efficient technology that only consumes power during content updates. As leading innovators in the ePaper space, we created our Place & Play displays to be 99% more energy efficient than comparable solutions with the lowest energy consumption on the market.

Cultivating an Eco-Conscious Brand Image 

In a world that’s waking up to the importance of looking after our planet, companies that switch to ePaper are getting ahead. It’s a smart move. They’re seen as leaders, pioneers in doing business the right way for the environment. 

Customers, especially those who really care about sustainability, are drawn to brands that walk the talk on environmental issues. They stick with companies that show they’re serious about cutting down their footprint. ePaper helps here. It’s a greener choice, using less power and creating less waste. 

By choosing ePaper, businesses are not just making a statement. They’re building a reputation as responsible, eco-friendly places that customers want to back. Going green isn’t just good for the planet; it’s becoming essential for winning over customers and standing out. ePaper is a key piece of this puzzle, showing that a business is all in on making a difference.

Eco-Design: Balancing User Experience and Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly designs are all about reducing the environmental footprint throughout a product’s entire life. This means everything from how it’s made, using green energy and being smart about the resources, to what happens when it’s no longer needed, focusing on recycling and cutting down on waste. It’s about doing less harm to the planet and meeting the needs of people who want products that are kind to the earth.

Here at Visionect, we’re all in on eco-friendly practices. We’ve worked hard to make sure our manufacturing processes are lean and green, minimizing our carbon emissions every step of the way. We’re also planting trees, aiming for a big goal: net-zero emissions. Plus, we choose materials like glass and aluminum that can be recycled and go for packaging that doesn’t waste resources, showing our commitment to taking care of the planet while giving you a great product experience.

e-paper sustainable solutions

Visionect Customers are at the Front of Sustainability Efforts

We are innovators but our displays wouldn’t make an intended impact without our customers.

In hospitality, Familux is merging luxury and sustainability in the best possible way. With the numerous activities Familux locations run each day, they needed a way to communicate the events to the guests in a sustainable way and without being to visually aggressive. No one likes bright, flashing screens in the morning. 

With over 200 Place & Play displays deployed in different locations, the screens show content in while runing months to a year off of battery power alone before needing to be recharged. 

And the top-of-the-line materials ensure that the displays easily fit in and elevate the luxurious Familux properties.

But Familux is not alone in merging sustainable, practical and luxurious use cases with ePaper displays. Over the years, we’ve supported hundreds of companies making a step into the right direction, optimize their operations and impress their customers. 

The Future is ePaper

Businesses are stepping up to integrate more eco-friendly practices, and the embrace of ePaper technology is a big leap in that direction. With Visionect leading the charge, its Place & Play displays stand out for being luxurious, super energy-efficient and built to leave a lighter mark on our planet. Visionect, along with its clients like Familux Resorts, showcases the real-world perks of making sustainability a core part of business strategy, pushing the envelope for what digital displays can achieve in a greener future.