Gasper Korinsek - the brain behind our energy-efficient digital signage

The Brain Behind Our Energy-Efficient Digital Signage: An Insider Story

Visionect, 17 Apr 2024

At Visionect, we’re proud of our roots, journey, and the individuals who have helped drive us to where we are today. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have exceptional talent in our ranks.

Today, we redirect the spotlight from our electronic paper displays and customers to focus on one of our own. Meet Gasper Korinsek, who we know as the “brain” behind the Visionect e-paper devices and an amazing team lead.

A Mind for Growth

Gasper is an intellectual through and through. From achieving his PhD to facing every problem as a learning experience, he believes in fostering passion and curiosity in the workplace.

After joining Visionect as a Senior Firmware Engineer in 2015, Gasper has been with us for over nine years now. Within four years, he rose from developer to Lead Device Engineer, overseeing the development of all Visionect e-paper solutions while coordinating multiple teams over various domains (firmware, hardware, mechanicals, QA).

For the past five years, Gasper has been a driving force behind Visionect digital signage displays and Joan room schedulers. He has encouraged our entire team to reach new heights with every new product release and design.

Red Dot: How Passion Grows Success

Gasper embodies Visionect values with how he supports his team, encourages continual learning experiences, and stokes passion in everything we do.

“If you’re working with something you’re not in love with, you cannot progress.” 

Gasper Korinsek 

Under his leadership, Visionect technology has achieved multiple Red Dot awards and a prestigious iF award, which Gasper feels is well-earned recognition for his amazing team.

“We are contending with companies as iPad, Apple, or others. So, yeah, those are big ones […] The things we’re able to accomplish with the team here — it’s, from my perspective, really amazing.”

Gasper strongly believes in approaching each new day as a new opportunity with a “can tomorrow’s me beat yesterday’s me” mindset. His instinct to always improve himself is contagious, spreading to the team and driving Visionect solutions to new heights.

Gasper Korinsek showcasing Joan and Place&Play displays.

The Importance of Trust in the Workplace

“Essentially, for me, what’s important is trust.”

The research and development team works on trust — which comes in many different forms. Here are some key pillars that support Gasper’s leadership:

  • Trust that anyone can say anything at any time. Visionect doesn’t believe in shutting down new ideas — new ideas spur innovation.
  • Answering “I don’t understand” or “I don’t know” is always allowed. These answers demonstrate your willingness to learn.
  • Encourage learning. Go to webinars, training, meetups and learn new skills, new technologies, and, most of all, GROW.
  • HAVE FUN. Enjoy what you do. If you don’t enjoy it, then find something you’re interested in.

Gasper strongly emphasizes — and reemphasizes — the key point that “mistakes are allowed” in his team:

“If you make a mistake it can be fixed. Mistakes are essential for the learning process.”

He guides his team to always look forward, instead of ever trying to pinpoint who made the mistake. Instead, for every mishap, Gasper focuses his team to consider these two questions:

·      What have we learned?

·      What can we do to avoid this in the future?

Over the years, Visionect has always pushed the limits of the available technology. Still, the team aspires to deliver products that exceed expectations. Gasper knows that if you walk on the limit of sustainability, and longevity, the team needs to make mistakes and figure out how to do things better.

“You also have to be honest to yourself  to progress to the next level.”

A Vision for Sustainable Low-Power Displays

The Visionect team believes in minimizing our footprint on Mother Earth. As a whole, we’ve been pushing toward our sustainability goals to “make more sustainable products that consume less, take less, and need less from nature.”

Today, most tech companies release a product model every year while slowly making their old versions obsolete, forcing their customers to upgrade. As Gasper phrased it, Visionect believes this practice isn’t sustainable in the long term, and that it’s up to tech companies to “make existing products last longer and make them better in terms of energy conservation. This is one of the main goals we’ve been tackling for the past few years — how to make our devices consume less energy with each generation.”

A Multifaceted Life Outside of Visionect

Gasper is proudly the parent of two beautiful children, who were each a “pivotal” and amazing change to his life. He has also achieved his black belt in karate and plays MMO, a multi-player online game, on the side.

But, how does Gasper manage to juggle his work life along with his family’s well-being, physical health, and downtime? He prioritizes in cycles:

“You have several roles in your life that need balancing — you have to be a parent, you have to be a lead, engineer in various domains, you have to take care of yourself.” 

Essentially, you need to shift focus tactically all the time to cover all those roles and keep in mind you’re doing it on the long run.

Celebrating a Visionect Journey!

In the world of innovation, it’s not just about making products – it’s about having fun doing it. At Visionect, we’re all about celebrating the journey and the awesome folks who make it happen.

While we have so many team members that we’re unbelievably proud of, let’s raise a glass to Gasper — a fearless leader, our sustainability guru, and the guy who reminds us that innovation is not just about the destination, but also the journey there.

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