Place&Play at university

Elevating educational spaces: How Visionect and A-Design transformed the university experience

Visionect, 21 Dec 2023

In the world of information systems, A-Design from Switzerland stands out among Visionect’s partners. Renowned for designing and implementing comprehensive solutions, A-Design offers a seamless blend of concept, design, and integration to address the needs of its customers.

At the heart of A-Design‘s offerings lies the A-Design®Organizer, a software platform created to automate the display of content, be it daily programs, guest greetings, or multimedia information, precisely when and where it’s needed. Due to the potential synergy of the organizer software with Place & Play devices, Visionect was recommended to A-Design as a prospective partner by Epson.

After establishing A-Design‘s proficiency in crafting dynamic spaces let’s transition to a specific case study involving a university where our solutions are making a tangible impact.

A complex educational environment requires modern solutions

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz) is esteemed for its dedication to multifaceted pursuits such as teaching, research, continuing education, and service provision. 

This institution exemplifies the complexities of modern higher education environments where universities grapple with a myriad of communication and spatial management challenges. 

Presenting academic schedules, floor plans, and interactive info boards for students and faculty is crucial. Achieving this elegantly and seamlessly, complementing the building’s aesthetics, is where the real challenge lies.

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland was looking for versatile displays capable of serving a spectrum of needs while blending into the environment. Place & Play devices stood out as an ideal solution, promising flexibility and efficiency for the ever-changing demands of academic settings.

Place & Play devices transform university operations

Upon recognizing the expansive capabilities of Place & Play devices, A-Design initiated a collaborative effort with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in 2022. This partnership quickly led to the deployment of approximately 170 Place & Play devices throughout the campus landscape within a year.

Our devices, available in a range of sizes from compact 6” units to vast 32” displays, offer a tailored fit for various spatial requirements across the university. The 13” devices have emerged as the most sought-after choice. Their design strikes a balance, consuming minimal space while delivering comprehensive content display capabilities. 

Beyond their primary roles in showcasing schedules and floor plans, these devices have seamlessly integrated into the university’s operational fabric. They excel in displaying and updating QR codes, aiding in efficient room labeling, and indicating lecture room capacities or current occupancy levels. 

Additionally, there’s no drilling or wiring required when installing Place & Play devices which further suits the university’s needs for elegant and subtle design.

Place & Play’s versatility shows the transformative impact of our devices in enhancing the university’s communication and operational efficiency.

Navigating the hybrid workspace: A-Design‘s integration of Place & Play devices

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland is just one of the many spaces where Place & Play devices are being used. They’ve become a key solution in A-Design’s quest to make organizational and institutional spaces more adaptable to the demands of contemporary work environments. In an era where hybrid work is the norm, our devices not only facilitate static or interactive content display but also prove instrumental in efficient and comprehensive room labeling.

When paired with the A-Design®Organizer, the combination empowers users to effortlessly design and customize displayed content, eliminating the need for replaceable signs and ensuring the showcase of updated and relevant information.

The seamless integration of Place & Play devices and the A-Design® Organizer into existing infrastructures highlights their versatility. Compatible with various place and time management systems, our devices easily adapt to diverse workplace environments.

Crucially, the sustainability and low-power design of Place & Play devices align with the global trend towards eco-friendly practices, a direction our partner encourages organizations to pursue.

Streamlining operations: Advantages of Place & Play devices

A-Design notes that interacting with Place & Play and using them on the spot is a swift and straightforward process, whether through a touch screen or a QR code scan for devices without touch functionality. 

Administrators, leveraging Place & Play devices with the A-Design®Organizer, gain granular control over displayed information, with the additional ability to monitor energy levels and receive live alerts when batteries run low.

Our partner appreciates that installing Place & Play devices on premises is a breeze, requiring no drilling or additional wiring. The versatility of our devices is showcased when they can be set up almost anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Looking forward: A-Design’s next steps with Visionect

The collaborative journey doesn’t end here. The next frontier involves a partnership, where A-Design aims to embed its software offerings within Visionect’s proprietary products. The aspiration to continue sharing visionary projects with Visionect underscores the enduring nature of this partnership.

A-Design expressed appreciation for the collaboration with Visionect, valuing not just the products but the entire experience and Visionect’s support.

As A-Design forges ahead, Visionect stands as its partner, providing cutting-edge e-paper technology that resonates with their commitment to excellence and innovation. 

If you’re looking to add Visionect ultra-low-power, top-of-the-line displays to your portfolio, contact us to enquire about our partner program.