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Make your message matter with e-paper displays

Place & Play empowers your messaging. These high-end wireless displays connect effortlessly, using ultra-low power consumption and provide superior visibility.
Your message will become more than just words on a screen it will become a captivating visual experience that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

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    Place & Play 32″

    A ready-to-use, 32-inch large-format digital signage display to share information.

    Wireless, energy-efficient and battery-powered with smooth readability for an amazing user experience.

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      Completely cable-free
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      Up to several months to a year of battery autonomy
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      Supports all web-based CMSs
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      One month free subscription
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    Place & Play 13″

    The greenest digital sign available. A 13-inch cable-free electronic paper display that is 99% more energy-efficient than comparable solutions.

    The device works straight out of the box, complete with mount, display and software player. 

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      Completely cable-free
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      Up to several months of battery autonomy
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      Supports all web-based CMSs
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      One month free subscription
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    Place & Play 6″

    A next generation, ultra-low-power e-paper touch screen signage display.

    The most sustainable digital information design available. Mount wirelessly with a Smart Magnet.

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      Completely cable-free
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      Up to 6-months battery life on a single charge
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      Supports all web-based CMSes
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      6-inch touch display
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      One month free subscription
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Why choose Place & Play for your next digital signage project?



Completely cable-free. Can be installed in minutes anywhere by anyone.



Up to several months of battery life. Place, play and forget.

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Designed for indoor use, compatible with any web-based CMS.



Sustainable materials and energy-efficient production processes.



Package includes display, player and mount for a no fuss, no-hassle experience.



Refined, timeless with a minimalistic design for a seamless look and feel.

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e-paper vs lcd/led

Why is e-paper better than any traditional LCD/LED display?

When choosing a digital signage display, you have three options: LED, LCD, and E-paper. The cheapest option may not provide the best ROI due to installation and operational costs, effectiveness, and longevity concerns.
For a sustainable and cost-effective solution, choose Visionect’s award-winning e-paper displays.

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Sustainability and Visionect

Better processes, better products

Find out how our devices are built with sustainability in mind, how they are shipped using 100% eco-friendly packaging, how they achieve ultra-low power consumption and how your purchase contributes to the reforestation of the planet.

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Start building your sustainable e-paper digital signage

The Visionect Software Suite is crucial for device operation, serving as a server for thin clients and ensuring accurate content display on e-paper. It offers easy deployment, control, management, and integration, with frequent updates to enhance functionality. Each device requires a license, and a one-month free license is included with every purchase.

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Explore our extensive range of accessories designed to complement your Place & Play hardware and software solutions.

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Enhance your Place & Play devices with our available add-ons.

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Extend the lifespan of your Place & Play with our new Warranty Solutions.

Extended Warranty
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From inception to roll-out, our tech support team is here to ensure your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use e-paper displays for digital signage? 

E-paper displays are ideal for digital signage due to their high visibility in sunlight, low power consumption, wide viewing angles, and eco-friendliness.

What are the benefits of e-paper displays?

E-paper displays offer extreme energy efficiency, ultra-low installation costs, lower TCO, easy integration, no glare under sunlight, no light pollution, and no additional heat generation. They offer effortless connectivity, cordless operation, and excellent readability for a superior user experience. Can run 24/7, providing a reliable digital signage solution.

What are the cons of e-paper?

E-paper displays have slower refresh rates for moving content and limited color options compared to traditional displays.

How to order an e-paper Place & Play device? 

There are two ways to order our devices. You can visit our webshop, add the desired unit/s to your shopping cart, and proceed with the purchase. Alternatively, you can contact our sales department at for personalized guidance or a custom offer

Are you ready to revolutionize your digital signage project with our e-paper solutions?