Content management system for epaper devices

Redefining the Game: The Ultimate CMS for E-paper Displays

Visionect, 15 Mar 2024

Navigating the rapid changes in technology today, the need for a more efficient way to handle and showcase content on ePaper screens has become increasingly critical. That’s why we’re excited to show you how our CMS is changing the game for ePaper display content management, making it simpler, more instinctive, and universally approachable. 

Shifting Gears: From Hardware Focus to Content Mastery

Historically, we’ve always prided ourselves on a hardware-first mindset. And as pioneers of large-screen ePaper displays, we saw how tweaking content was anything but simple. Static stuff? No problem. But the dynamic content like schedules, updating screens on the fly, or even minor content tweaks? That was a whole other beast. The complexity called for custom software fixes, often requiring a system integrator to connect hardware capabilities with user needs.

That’s why we decided to expand our focus to a tailor-made CMS solution for ePaper displays. We dreamed up a system that allowed users to directly manage, upload, and tweak content without any go-betweens. This dream wasn’t just about breaking free from the confines of existing CMS systems ill-fitted for ePaper, but about reimagining how content could be managed in a digital-first age. 

The Problem with Traditional CMS Platforms

Think about it, traditional CMS platforms are built for the mainstream LCD screens, not the unique ePaper displays – they are monochromatic, refresh much slower, don’t play videos, are battery-powered and run on a good wifi connection.

To address these challenges head-on, we incorporated features that allowed for effortless management of slow-refreshing content, supported the distinctive black-and-white ink aesthetic, and ensured that content could be crafted and previewed in a way that mirrored the final display. 

Beyond Content: A CMS for your entire digital signage ecosystem

Our CMS was designed to be not just a tool, but to elevate our Visionect displays to become an all-in-one, out-of-the-box system with:

Battery Power Monitoring: Our CMS includes battery power monitoring and status alerts. This ensures that users are always aware of their device’s power status, enabling proactive management and maintenance.

WiFi Quality Monitoring: In a world increasingly reliant on wireless connectivity, our CMS features WiFi quality monitoring. This capability ensures that content updates are efficient, mitigating the risk of disruptions due to poor connectivity.

LCD Screens Support: Our CMS is for your entire fleet of digital signage. No need to purchase and onboard additional CMS systems for your LCD screens if you’re already using our CMS for Visionect displays. Its content management capabilities extend to those as well. 

Simplifying Content Uploads and Edits

Users can easily upload and modify content without intermediaries, making the system accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. This direct approach to content management saves time and enables a more dynamic interaction with the content, allowing for real-time updates and adjustments.

  • Instant Previews: With real-time previews, users can see exactly how their content will appear on the displays.
  • Dynamic Content Scheduling: Users can schedule content to appear at specific times or in response to particular events, it can also display real-time data updates. 
  • Content Tagging and Organization: With advanced tagging and organizational features, managing a large content library becomes intuitive.

Our Roadmap to Innovation

We are dedicated to broadening the spectrum of content types and sources supported by our system, making it even more versatile and user-friendly. This includes:

  • Expanding Data Source Integration: Further developing the CMS’s ability to integrate with a wide array of data sources, ensuring users can seamlessly incorporate the most relevant and engaging content.
  • Industry-specific Templates: Introducing a library of customizable templates designed for specific industries, enabling users to quickly deploy effective signage solutions that cater to their unique audience’s needs.

Whether you’re decking out a retail space, updating a museum exhibit, keeping public transport running smoothly, or making sure your office space is up to date, our platform is here to make your life easier. It’s intuitive, it’s powerful, and it’s designed with ePaper’s unique needs in mind.

Contact us today to learn more about our new CMS.