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Interview with Barrett Comiskey, father of electronic ink: “Our objective was to give life to the surfaces around us”
27 May 2016 - We chatted with Barrett Comiskey, one of the fathers of electronic ink, about the beginnings of the technology and what the future holds for the energy-saving display. Along with JD Albert and Joseph Jacobson, his co-inventors, Comiskey has just been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Jobs.
A new milestone in creating electronic paper signs in large formats: the 32'' development kit
14 March 2016 - Visionect and E Ink® have launched a new system for creating large e-paper signs: a development kit for designing 32’’ digital signage solutions, supporting the largest single electronic paper module in production and enabling the quickest way to a production-ready sign.
Development Kit Package

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Smart shelf labels, the retail game changer
28 February 2016 - Electronic shelf labels are a key component of the future of offline retail. Supporting real-time analytics of shopping behavior, they open the door to next generation services and convert visitors to customers – a fact that Telekom Slovenije is more than aware of. ...
One board to rule them all? The hardware of tiling epaper displays
19 July 2015 - In tiling eink displays into bigger screens the mechanical aspect of how the displays fit together, paying attention to overlapping edges and borders, is not the only question to consider. Also important is the decision on how the hardware is to run the new jumbo sign. ...