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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Smart city, smart curb: Perth’s Optus Stadium goes digital with electronic paper

Powered by Visionect and Mercury Innovation, the e-paper road signs are replacing paper-based event notifications with a more dynamic system based.

Focus is the name of the game for the new decade ahead: Visionect evolves into end-to-end solutions provider

Visionect is shifting its focus from platform provider to producer of end-to-end communications solutions in the public sector.

From Brookline to Atlanta, it’s been a good year for Visionect-powered Soofa signs

The neighborhood news feed. Read how Visionect and Soofa have been reinventing the urban landscape in 2019, creating the cities of tomorrow today.

Welcome to the evolution: our Place & Play devices are now more accessible than ever

We are taking the next step in our mission to empower people in public spaces with easily accessible information. Place & Play devices are even cheaper now.

Visionect recognized as one of the top 10 intelligent transport solution providers

The Technology Headlines magazine has named Visionect as one of the top 10 companies empowering the U.S. transportation industry.

How do outdoor e-paper signs measure up to extreme weather environments? Better than you might think!

From the bitterest winters to the most scorching summers, an outdoor electronic paper display can hold its own even in the most extreme of weather.

Mission accomplished – Mercury Innovation and Visionect celebrate their biggest ever Urban roll out

Mercury Innovation and Visionect have celebrated the successful delivery of the most complex use of Urban digital bus stops in Australia.