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An electronic paper display for when Slack is no longer enough
30 August 2016 - The Millennials, a digitally native generation that will soon represent over half of the global workforce, expect the workplace to understand their values and needs. Among these is the need to connect with their coworkers online. We tested electronic paper as the platform for streamlining this communication.
E-paper and V-Platform in production line optimization
30 June 2014 - Communication is an important part of both cost optimization and quality assurance when building any product on a factory production line. The communication regularly involves exchange of paper and we set out to improve this using our e-paper solutions and upgrade it for the 21st century.
Development Kit Package

Try the power of epaper yourself!

How Spark core helped us make a Wi-Fi keylock with e-paper keypad for our office.
2 June 2014 - We wanted to see if current crop of Internet Of Things gadgets is ready for mainstream. We ordered a Spark Core module from spark.io to see how fast can one create a Wi-Fi enabled keylock that could open our front door....
Community project: V Tablet and Evernote powered e-paper recipe book for your kitchen
30 May 2014 - Kael just sent us a link to his DIY project based on our V Tablet. He used it to build an Evernote powered recipe book that he can safely use in his kitchen....