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Estonian history now on electronic paper

The newly opened Estonian National Museum uses E Ink displays to enhance the visitor experience. The real-time, digital gallery cards are the latest in the series of technological advancements that electronic paper is bringing to the museum space. The installation of eink displays in Estonia’s National Museum comes as part of a wave of smart […]

An electronic paper display for when Slack is no longer enough

The Millennials, a digitally native generation that will soon represent over half of the global workforce, expect the workplace to understand their values and needs. Among these is the need to connect with their coworkers online. We tested electronic paper as the platform for streamlining this communication. In 10 short years, Millennials will represent 75 […]

A new kind of office for a new kind of meeting

The evolution of digital and mobile technologies has radically changed the way people collaborate within an office. This shift in mindset can prove an ideal opportunity for growth, enabled by smart tech empowering employee interaction. A job is no longer a nine to five affair, with a variety of personal devices allowing people to keep […]

Electronic paper, driving the Smart City evolution

Interconnected digital signs are a key element in the evolution of a city into a smart living space. In order to support a truly intelligent and sustainable urban environment, however, signage should be energy efficient, independent from the power grid and have superb visibility – all conditions that electronic paper more than fulfills. Digital signs […]

Digital wayfinding, a means of connecting with visitors

Wayfinding is more than simply making sure people don’t get lost -rather, it’s an opportunity to successfully interact with visitors and provide targeted information. Especially if done on the right digital platform. According to Wikipedia, wayfinding refers to “all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to […]

Trends in facility management: a need for an adaptable, long-lasting door labeling sign

Facility management of today is going modern by going digital. In door labeling signs especially, there is a variety of different products available on the market – but what exactly are users looking for? We investigate the trends in facility management to find out what is most important to proprietors when it comes to digital […]

An ounce of digital is worth a pound of cure: Navigating healthcare facilities

Visits to different health facilities are not an experience most of us look forward to. But a little digital signage help can go a long way towards making hospitals more visitor-friendly, not to mention efficient. Customer care is an important concern in any hospital that is dedicated to providing the best standard of care and […]

Relax, your campus is future-proof: important school info remotely displayed at a moment’s notice

Why are some elements of school and campus life still stuck in analogue? Electronic paper noticeboards bring your school into the future. Content displayed on an electronic screen will be seen, unlike student-body-wide email blasts that can go unnoticed or paper notifications that can be outdated or invisible. The schools of today are not really […]

Displays and notifications in business environments

How do you go about complying with legislation that prescribes that certain information be prominantly displayed in your place of business? We tell you how to use the features of e-paper to make notice compliance simpler. You can now have only one e-paper sign that will show all the information you are obliged to provide […]

Deploying a digital signage project in the shortest time possible

Based on our experience, Visionect has developed a methodology that supports the fast and successful deployment of your digital signage products. Visionect has developed a methodology that supports clients’ product launches on time, from the first expression of interest to the roll-out of a production-ready e-paper solution. Deploying a successful digital signage project on time […]