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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Estonian history now on electronic paper

Electronic paper displays personalize the experience of museum-goers in Estonia's newly opened National Museum.

An electronic paper display for when Slack is no longer enough

We tested e-paper as the platform for streamlining the communication of Millennials, soon to represent over half of the global workforce.

A new kind of office for a new kind of meeting

As work changes with the influx of new tech, so does office space, becoming all about collaboration and socializing and powered by smart technology.

Electronic paper, driving the Smart City evolution

Smart signs are a key element in the evolution of a town into a Smart City, with e-paper the most effective technology to drive this transition.

Digital wayfinding, a means of connecting with visitors

Navigational signs do more than help people find their way in public spaces: when digital they interact with visitors and provide targeted information.

Trends in facility management: a need for an adaptable, long-lasting door labeling sign

We investigate: in an influx of digital door labels available on the market, what exactly are users looking for in a room sign?

An ounce of digital is worth a pound of cure: Navigating healthcare facilities

Digital signs can make hospitals more visitor friendly and more efficient by providing up to date relevant information.

Relax, your campus is future-proof: important school info remotely displayed at a moment’s notice

Electronic paper noticeboards bring school life into the future with real-time information, digital wayfinding and campus-wide notifications.

Displays and notifications in business environments

Electronic paper signs make notice compliance in business environments easier.

Deploying a digital signage project in the shortest time possible

Visionect has developed a methodology supporting the deployment of digital signage products in the shortest time possible.