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An electronic paper display for when Slack is no longer enough
30 August 2016 - The Millennials, a digitally native generation that will soon represent over half of the global workforce, expect the workplace to understand their values and needs. Among these is the need to connect with their coworkers online. We tested electronic paper as the platform for streamlining this communication.
A new kind of office for a new kind of meeting
5 January 2016 - The evolution of digital and mobile technologies has radically changed the way people collaborate within an office. This shift in mindset can prove an ideal opportunity for growth, enabled by smart tech empowering employee interaction.
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Electronic paper, driving the Smart City evolution
26 September 2015 - Interconnected digital signs are a key element in the evolution of a city into a smart living space. In order to support a truly intelligent and sustainable urban environment, however, signage should be energy efficient, independent from the power grid and have superb visibility - all conditions that electronic paper more than fulfills. ...
Digital wayfinding, a means of connecting with visitors
19 August 2015 - Wayfinding is more than simply making sure people don’t get lost -rather, it’s an opportunity to successfully interact with visitors and provide targeted information. Especially if done on the right digital platform. ...