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The future of signage: electronic paper now supports full color
28 July 2016 - A breakthrough development in e paper technology now allows e-paper to show its true colors for the first time ever. Forget the RGBW filters: we explain how the new full-color electrophoretic display prototype works and why it represents an important industry milestone.
If the world is going to be covered in screens, those screens are going to be electronic paper
23 June 2016 - The news is in, writes Wired: Electronic paper is becoming much bigger than just e-books. Supporting the epaper signage takeover is the reliable track record of first-generation products and the know-how of technology pioneers that make them tick.
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Interview with Barrett Comiskey, father of electronic ink: “Our objective was to give life to the surfaces around us”
27 May 2016 - We chatted with Barrett Comiskey, one of the fathers of electronic ink, about the beginnings of the technology and what the future holds for the energy-saving display. Along with JD Albert and Joseph Jacobson, his co-inventors, Comiskey has just been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Jobs. ...
Delivering on the promise of electronic paper
15 April 2016 - E-paper is proving capable of disrupting the digital signage market, but it takes an in-depth understanding of the technology to fully deliver on its promise. Find out about the challenges of deploying electronic paper in different digital signage scenarios and how to transcend them for optimal results. ...