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Jumbo signs created by tiling multiple eink displays

Did you know? Electronic paper displays can be easily interconnected into bigger screen formats to attain the perfect digital sign for any deployment scenario, be it in traffic, hospitality, retail or elsewhere.

Battery lifetime of electronic paper signs

An electronic paper sign will go the distance when it comes to energy efficiency, counting its battery lifetime in months and years. Its actual battery longevity, however, will depend on certain internal and external factors explained below.

Electronic paper shows its teeth in ‘Notice Nature Feel Joy’ exhibit

We love seeing our electronic paper solutions used in new and imaginative ways. And what could be more imaginative than using one of our tablets to project interactive teeth selfies in an amazing new nature gallery from Derby Museums.

The writing’s on the wall: what’s next for electronic paper

After looking into the technology and history of e-ink, the third installment of our series explaining electronic paper examines what the future has in store for the technology, with e-paper displays that now bend, appear in large formats and show color.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: the versatile history of electronic paper

In our second article in the series explaining electronic paper, we take a look back at the origins of e ink technology and its various applications, from e-paper’s humble beginnings in the 1970s, to the boom that was e Readers.

Electronic paper explained: what is it and how does it work?

E-paper is proving to be a platform on which incredible and versatile projects can be realized – but just exactly what is electronic paper and how does it work? In the first installment of our series explaining e-ink we delve into how the technology that powers everything from your e-reader to traffic signs actually functions.

Deploying a digital signage project in the shortest time possible

Based on our experience, Visionect has developed a methodology that supports the fast and successful deployment of your digital signage products.

Take charge of your electronic paper signs

Evolution is key: we have updated the Visionect server software and made the preview packages available for download. And here’s why you should be as excited as we are.

Digital signage: How Visionect transformed a museum into an interactive learning environment

Museums are an excellent way of spending your time and learning something new in the process. But many of have problems fully engaging the visitor and serving different needs of the visitors at the same time. This can be resolved elegantly through the implementation of an interactive digital signage system.