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One board to rule them all? The hardware of tiling epaper displays
19 July 2015 - In tiling eink displays into bigger screens the mechanical aspect of how the displays fit together, paying attention to overlapping edges and borders, is not the only question to consider. Also important is the decision on how the hardware is to run the new jumbo sign.
Jumbo signs created by tiling multiple eink displays
15 July 2015 - Did you know? Electronic paper displays can be easily interconnected into bigger screen formats to attain the perfect digital sign for any deployment scenario, be it in traffic, hospitality, retail or elsewhere.
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Battery lifetime of electronic paper signs
26 May 2015 - An electronic paper sign will go the distance when it comes to energy efficiency, counting its battery lifetime in months and years. Its actual battery longevity, however, will depend on certain internal and external factors explained below....
Electronic paper shows its teeth in ‘Notice Nature Feel Joy’ exhibit
16 April 2015 - We love seeing our electronic paper solutions used in new and imaginative ways. And what could be more imaginative than using one of our tablets to project interactive teeth selfies in an amazing new nature gallery from Derby Museums....