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+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Ping-pong and circuit boards: Visionect opens its doors for Startup Crawl 2015

If you’d come by our offices this Friday, you’d see a couple of things: lots of name tags, some vigorous rounds of table tennis, and a lot of visitors being shown the inner workings of a tech startup. That’s because we opened our doors for the 3rd annual Internet Week Startup Crawl!

The Startup Crawl saw about 40 Slovene innovative tech companies and startups welcome students, researchers, experts and job seekers eager to take on new challenges and meet the country’s digital community.

Our CTO Luka explaining all about electronic paper technology.

We opened our doors for the 3rd annual Internet Week Startup Crawl, alongside 40 Slovene innovative tech companies and startups.

Startup Crawl provided an insight into the operation and typical workday of an IT startup, often much different from traditional corporate environments and practices. Not to mention it was an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people and show them what we are all about.

A few laughs beneath the office alien. Don’t worry, it’s a lamp!

And that would be electronic paper – specifically the platform necessary to drive e-paper as digital signage. A technology that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper, electronic paper will provide crispness and high-readability of the content shown on the sign, without any glare. At the same time such a sign will be extremely energy efficient and can be powered by alternative power sources.

We were showing Startup Crawl visitors our development kits, electronic paper signs out of the box.

Our visitors could take a peek behind the programming that makes it possible to upload content to an e-paper display, and see the inner workings of our driving boards which turn a display into a fully-fledged digital sign.

Demonstrating how the Visionect Server works.

Also on show: Joan, our electronic paper conference room assistant that provides flawless meeting room scheduling, and Geoffrey, a state-of-the-art e-paper menu.

Thank you guys, we had an amazing time showing you around! See you next year!

Table tennis, as promised.