Can E-Paper Displays Improve Your Retail Advertising Strategy?

Visionect, 29 May 2024

You’ve probably seen electronic paper technology used for smart shelf labels. Retail stores like Walmart, BestBuy, Target, and many others have adopted e-ink price labels along their aisles. But, the potential of e-paper technology extends far beyond conventional price tags.

For example, Visionect innovation has been used by tech companies to showcase product information in stores, leading to customers feeling more informed, decreasing reliance on staff assistance, and enhancing purchasing decisions.

Still, while product information is vital for the success of some companies, this energy-efficient digital signage is capable of so much more.

1. In-Store Promotions

While 6” digital smart labels are fantastic for showcasing product specs, the 32” e-ink displays are perfect for publicizing in-store promotions. Their low-power design makes e-paper displays the most versatile digital signage displays on the market. Lasting months on a single charge, each unit can be mounted anywhere without any wiring.

Your device’s content management system (CMS) can update the content in real-time, making sure the display is always current with the latest promos or events. This technology delivers a great ROI, saving retail businesses thousands of dollars on signage for every seasonal sale, flash discount, special offer, and more.

2. Product Catalogs

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, engaging customers with the latest products is critical. Larger e-paper displays offer an innovative solution for displaying product catalogs along with the latest releases, product lines, new features, and more.

These energy-efficient displays can be placed anywhere in the store, particularly in the section they’re showcasing. The catalog can be updated in real-time to show the latest product additions, pricing, or promos. Additionally, incorporating QR codes into these displays allows customers to scan for more detailed information, special offers, or even to purchase items directly from their mobile devices. This simple integration of technology enhances the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to discover new products.

3. Price Updates

One major challenge regarding retail signage is maintaining up-to-date information. Each time a price changes, outdated signs are discarded and new ones are printed and installed, resulting in wasted materials and additional costs.

Digital smart labels enable real-time price adjustments and special discount announcements, making sure customers always see the most current prices. This versatility ensures accurate pricing while streamlining the management of updates, reducing waste, and virtually eliminating the manual labor involved in changing signage.

4. Wayfinding

Some stores are easy to navigate while others are not so simple. For instance, in stores where the entire floor isn’t visible at a glance, customers may face challenges in locating the products they’re looking for, leading to frustration and a less satisfying shopping experience.

Digital signage displays can show floor maps or directions to help customers locate specific departments or services. This level of support can influence purchasing decisions, as customers are more likely to buy products when they can find them quickly and effortlessly in the store.

Visionect's Place&Play display used in retail store.

5. Enhancing Branding and Atmosphere

The right atmosphere is essential for building brand loyalty. Digital signage displays can be customized to showcase your brand at all times, and only one type of digital display technology can be mounted anywhere, on anything, with no wiring necessary:

E-paper displays are incredibly versatile and customizable. Stores can create custom content and then push their designs out to the dynamic digital displays in real-time. From showcasing logos and seasonal themes to delivering corporate messages, these displays are powerful tools to capture your customers’ attention and create an immersive experience.

6. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are usually dynamic: one day customers can earn bonus points, the next they’ll enjoy a discount on the product of the week, partake in exclusive member offers… etcetera. On top of the ever-changing promotions are the loyalty program rules and benefits, which are often forgotten shortly after the customer signs up.

Digital signage can promote your loyalty program, enhance the visibility of its benefits, and simply the management of the program’s promotions. Instead of ordering new signage every time there’s a points promotion or bonus offer, you can update the messaging on your digital displays from one central management system.

Elevate Your Retail Signage Experience

With the world pushing for sustainable solutions, and businesses looking for cost-effective options with a great ROI, e-paper displays win in both categories. The devices showcase innovation, a timeless sense of class, and customized branding.  Plus, it only takes one person behind a computer to update all the devices across all store locations.

Discover the most elegant, eco-friendly, and versatile display system in the world in Visionect Place & Play displays.


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