11 Use Cases for E-paper Displays in Any Office or Facility

Visionect, 28 Jun 2023

We dare to say that modern e-paper displays could benefit any office or facility. With their low power consumption, wireless capabilities, and sleek design, displays, such as Visionect’s Place & Play devices, offer a range of use cases that can enhance productivity, engagement, and overall workplace experience. 

Allow us to show you where you can use e-paper displays and how they reshape the way any office or facility operates.

A warm welcome in the lobby

Starting in the lobby, at the entrance area, e-paper displays serve as a welcoming screen, setting a positive tone for workers and visitors alike. With a dynamic display that can showcase company branding, messages, or event updates, these devices create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Key info in the reception area

Moving to the reception area, e-paper displays become a valuable tool for sharing important announcements and information. 

Instead of relying on printed materials or manual updates, dynamic displays offer real-time updates that can be easily customized and scheduled. From highlighting daily schedules, meeting room availability, or upcoming events, e-paper devices provide a centralized source of information that keeps everyone informed and eliminates any confusion. 

Navigation next to elevators and stairs

Placing an e-paper display next to elevators and stairs is a practical solution for wayfinding within any facility. These displays can provide clear and concise information about the departments located on each floor, making navigation effortless. 

Imagery in hallways

In the hallway, e-paper displays take on the role of a modern picture frame, offering a visually appealing and dynamic element to the space. 

Instead of static images or traditional artwork, these displays can showcase visuals that align with the company’s branding or convey important messages. Whether it’s displaying company achievements, inspirational quotes, or captivating images, e-paper devices transform ordinary hallways into engaging spaces that leave a lasting impression. 

Wayfinding in hallways

Strategically placed e-paper devices can serve as informative guides, displaying clear and concise directions to designated emergency exits. By providing visual aids and maps, these devices contribute to the safety of everyone within the facility. 

In day-to-day operations, the e-paper displays can also assist visitors or newcomers in finding their way around the building, simplifying navigation and reducing confusion.

Department and team info outside offices

Placing Place & Play displays in front of each office is practical as it displays the department or team that resides there and any additional information, such as focus hours or contact details, possibly providing an overview of each department and its activities. 

This transparency and clarity minimize unnecessary interruptions of work and facilitate better collaboration among teams.

Personal use inside offices

In the office of an individual employee, a 6” e-paper device serves as your versatile companion, capable of presenting essential information or displaying a cherished picture of your family. 

Beyond personalization, the e-paper device also serves as a practical tool, providing instant access to meeting room booking or office equipment reservations.

Meeting info outside meeting rooms

Another valuable location for e-paper displays is in front of meeting rooms, where they serve as an efficient tool for managing room occupancy and availability. Visionect’s Joan devices can showcase a meeting room’s schedule and allow people to book a room on the spot by using the e-paper display. 

Such real-time information saves employees the hassle of checking multiple calendars or physically checking the room, ensuring that meeting spaces are utilized optimally. 

Additionally, e-paper displays can provide information about the meeting organizer or highlight upcoming scheduled meetings. They streamline the booking process, minimize disruptions, and enhance overall meeting efficiency.

Centralized schedule outside conference rooms

A prominent application of e-paper displays is the use of a Place & Play 32” device to showcase a quick overview of the day’s meeting schedule, allowing employees to plan their time efficiently and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Positivity in the office kitchen

In the bustling setting of an office kitchen or cafeteria, e-paper devices offer a perfect platform to present daily specials and share healthy tips or motivational quotes with employees. 

Displays in the kitchen can be both practical and uplifting. With a little creativity, they can help to create a sense of community, boost morale, and promote employee well-being.

Optimization in manufacturing facilities

In manufacturing facilities, e-paper displays work best in key areas to organize workers and showcase the phases of the production line. 

By having a clear overview of the production line phases in real-time, workers can stay informed and efficiently carry out their tasks, resulting in improved workflow and reduced errors. And that’s exactly why E Ink decided to deploy Visionect’s Place & Play devices.  

E Ink migrated from pen and paper signs that are prone to human errors to Visionect’s e-paper displays which are integrated into the manufacturing process, ensuring everyone is working with always fresh and correct data about its production lines. 

E-paper displays are a smart and elegant choice for any office

While the best-of-the-class e-paper displays, such as Visionect’s Place & Play devices, can enhance any space in your office or facility, they come with additional perks that are not tied to their functions. 

  • Their low power consumption and minimal maintenance requirements mean that these displays are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. 
  • They are very easy to install and use, and users don’t have to deal with wires when setting them up.
  • Their sleek design assures they fit into any space. Their screen doesn’t glare with blue light and is much easier on the eyes compared to LCD or LED screens.

If you’re interested in top-quality e-paper displays that will elevate your office experience, contact our Sales and find out which display is the best fit for your needs.