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Visionect takes over the Adriatic coast

Visionect, 19 Jun 2023

Innovation. Integrity. Fun. Passion. Growth.

At Visionect, these core values shape our culture, drive our actions, and define our success. We’re committed to creating an environment where our employees can flourish, our customers can trust us, and our business can thrive in the face of challenges.

Recently, the Visionect team spent days on a “Sea-Value Summit” along the Adriatic coast where we soaked in the summer, team vibes, and, most importantly, revisited our company values. The adventure formed an inspiring journey full of revelations worth sharing.

Igniting a tech team’s potential

We’re so proud to have a passionate team who dove in head first, soaking in all our adventure had to offer.

Like a gentle breeze, team building gathers individuals in its embrace, nurturing bonds and fostering a sense of togetherness. Every voice finds its place in the collective ecosystem through shared laughter, challenges, and triumphs.

Company values are the seeds of inspiration, blossoming into a thriving culture of meaning and significance. From the humblest act of kindness to the boldest leap of innovation, these values shape every interaction, every decision, and every accomplishment.

Together, team building and company values form a delicate ecosystem where bonds are forged and individuals become a part of something greater than themselves.

Our values and why they make a difference

As a tech company, our values play a substantial role in team development and what our company, as a united front, has to offer.

Below is a list of our core values, along with original, inspirational quotes from our very own Visionect teammates.


Innovation drives us to explore new frontiers, challenge the status quo, and push boundaries in the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions. At Visionect, we embrace creativity, encourage new ideas, and continuously seek ways to improve and evolve.

“Innovation fuels creativity, fostering a culture that actively encourages fresh ideas every day. It’s about pushing boundaries, questioning norms, and discovering exceptional solutions.”


Integrity is what pushes us to design the most sustainable display tech on the market. It compels us to be transparent in our decisions to help protect our world. Visionect upholds high ethical standards, treating our employees, customers, and partners with honesty, respect, and fairness.

“Integrity is demonstrated by consistently upholding moral principles and values, where promises made are fulfilled with unwavering action.”


Fun encourages exploration and discovery. Fun in the workplace helps inspire our teammates to imagine features and capabilities that delight and surprise our users. At Visionect, we encourage laughing, celebrating achievements, and creating opportunities for our team members to bond and recharge. 

“Fun is the sublime state where work transforms into pure pleasure; unrecognizable as labor.”


Passion fuels the dedication and enthusiasm of our teams. It motivates us to overcome obstacles and turn ideas into reality. Our Visionect team is deeply passionate about what we do and the impact our work has on the world.

“Passion is waking up every day, eager to create extraordinary things and achieve remarkable results. It’s the inner drive that embraces challenges and consistently delivers with enthusiasm and dedication.”


Growth is the catalyst for continuous improvement and progress in technology. It drives us to constantly learn, adapt, and evolve, leading to breakthroughs and advancements. Visionect fosters a culture of mentorship, feedback, and learning from both successes and failures.

“Growth is directly linked to facing challenges and stepping out of comfort zones, enabling both personal and company-wide progress.”

Our collective ambition is to create technologies that truly make a difference in people’s lives. These values shape the development of our technology, making sure it remains innovative, ethical, engaging, impactful, and ever-evolving. Together, we’re inspired to create a future where technology enriches lives, empowers individuals, and transforms industries.

How our values guide our workplace and technology

Core values serve as a compass for decision-making, inspire creativity, and shape the culture within an organization. By encouraging risk-taking and embracing emerging technologies, Visionect is already making significant strides in advancing state-of-the-art displays, and the potential for future enhancements is even more promising.

Upholding values such as innovation, integrity, fun passion, and growth, provisions us to create solutions that set new benchmarks in the industry and make a meaningful impact.

Our ongoing adventure

Our summit excursion nourished collaboration, fostered growth, and nurtured our collective spirit. By delving into nature, our company values helped align our teams, preparing them to make an impact that’ll echo through our organization and into the outer world.

Forged from years of experience and molded by core values, Visionect Place & Play displays are changing the industry. They’re proof that images and information can be shared in a sustainable way without sacrificing quality and style.

Stay tuned to see what new heights our team takes us to next!