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Digital wayfinding, a means of connecting with visitors
19 August 2015 - Wayfinding is more than simply making sure people don’t get lost -rather, it’s an opportunity to successfully interact with visitors and provide targeted information. Especially if done on the right digital platform.
Trends in facility management: a need for an adaptable, long-lasting door labeling sign
11 May 2015 - Facility management of today is going modern by going digital. In door labeling signs especially, there is a variety of different products available on the market - but what exactly are users looking for? We investigate the trends in facility management to find out what is most important to proprietors when it comes to digital meeting room labels.
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Digital signage keeps queuers engaged
13 August 2014 - Queuing is never pleasant, but unfortunately, it cannot be avoided completely. Even careful queue management cannot eliminate lines completely. However, one can make the waiting much more bearable by introducing digitals screens that display content relevant to the business or service....
Event management made easy with digital door signage
5 August 2014 - Conferences, seminars and other events are amongst the most frequent types of social events. Such events often present a certain set of challenges for the organizer. The latter needs a way to inform attendees about the current schedule and keep them apprised about possible last minute changes. They also need to provide a map of the venue in order to better guide the attendees....