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Event management made easy with digital door signage

Conferences, seminars and other events are amongst the most frequent types of social events. Such events often present a certain set of challenges for the organizer. The latter needs a way to inform attendees about the current schedule and keep them apprised about possible last minute changes. They also need to provide a map of the venue in order to better guide the attendees.

Quickly provide visitors with all the required event information and help them efficiently manage their time.

Regardless of event type and venue, there are a few difficulties that arise whenever an event is being organized. Organizers need to inform the attendees about the current schedule of the event, which can change at a moment’s notice. Participants also need to be guided to the right room and be able to quickly check the schedule of each individual room in order to better manage their time. This can prove a challenging task for the staff of the organizer or the staff of the venue itself. Static signs are only partially helpful, since content and venues are constantly changing.

Informing attendees via digital signage

Visionect was approached by a Berlin-based organization which frequently hosts environmental awareness events. They are well aware of the problems accompanying such events and wanted to find a better and more efficient way to do it. Because they frequently change venues, the system needed to be easy to deploy and maintain. Content of events is also constantly changing, so content editing needed to be as easy as possible.

V-Tablet is your perfect event guide. It provides information about the overall schedule, events, and event map.

With a touch of the screen, visitors were able to access detailed information about each event and check the venue map.

Together, we developed a system similar to that of standard information kiosks, but with several welcome benefits. They whole system was designed around Visionect’s Wi-Fi connected V-Tablet that uses e-paper display from E Ink, and V-Platform. Together with a custom application, we created an interactive digital signage solution in the form of the compact V-Tablet. The system guided and informed the event attendees instead of the organizing staff.

Satisfied organizers and visitors

Visionect’s interactive solution for organizing events is beneficial for organizers and attendees alike. With a touch of the screen, V-Tablet provided detailed event schedule. An extremely welcome feature in case an event was canceled or postponed, as attendees were able to learn about it without the presence of the staff. Visitors were also able to access detailed information about each event and check the venue map. Thus, they were able to quickly get all the required information in order to better plan their visit and manage their time.

Visionect’s V-Tablets are extremely reliable, robust and even water resistant, so they can be used in virtually every environment.

Visionect’s solution provided even greater benefits for the organizer. The whole system is easy to bring on site and deploy. V-Tablets can be mounted on walls or placed on tables. The organizer therefore no longer needs to consider the venue’s own infrastructure when deciding where to host an event. Of course one could go even further and include ads of the venue or its partners (local restaurants, shops, etc.) to be periodically displayed on the tablet, thereby generating an entirely new stream of advertising revenue. Another aspect that is very important for our partner is the complete lack of waste. Organizer did not need to print out a single page of schedule.

Since our partner already had all the information about the event stored on the server via CMS system, the implementation of the system was a walk in the park. V-Tablet is entirely web-based and simply displays information from the server. Everything is done using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript), which means that our partner had no problems transferring contents onto V-Tablets.

V-Tablets do not need to be plugged in and only need a Wi-Fi connection. Consequently, they can be placed wherever they are needed.

The fact that V-Tablets can be placed anywhere was another extremely welcome benefit for the organizer. They provide excellent visibility and are extremely robust (dust and water resistant), so environmental factors were not a problem. Power was not an issue as well, as V-Tablets can easily go through an event lasting a couple of days on a single charge. The only thing needed for the implementation of our system was a Wi-Fi connection. The attendees were able to use the tablets in the lounge area, while waiting for an event or while having a meal.

Would you like us to help you organize an event?

Visionect has demonstrated how digital signage can be of great benefit when it comes to event organization. The implementation of V-Tablet and V-Platform offered several advantages for the organizing staff, the attendees, and ultimately also for the venue itself.

And this is not the first time that Visionect’s devices have proved their value when it comes to hosting large events. At the Conventa conference, Visionect provided the organizers with an easy-to-use V-Tablet-based platform for gathering feedback from the exhibitors.

Content update is uploaded via server and the system is easily deployed. Organizer does not need to print a single sheet of paper.

These are just two examples of how Visionect’s devices can be invaluable when hosting or organizing events. But they can do so much more. In fact, their usage is only limited by your imagination. Do you want a better way to organize and carry out an event? Or did reading this article give you other ideas for implementing Visionect’s technology? Contact us and together we will develop a system that will entirely change the way you organize events, or realize any other ideas you might have come up with.

In addition, take a look at our blog and learn more about the things you can do with our V-Platform and V-Tablet devices.