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High performance e-paper platform
You think that high performance on e-paper is not possible? The key is in the architecture of the system. Check out the videos and see real life examples of Geoffrey UI used in practice by more than 100.000 guests to order food, drinks and access information. All made possible by our high performance V-Platform e-paper solution.

High performance e-paper platform
10 February 2014
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Customers are often asking us about the performance level that is hiding inside V-Platform and they want to know what can be done if we push the V-Platform to its limits.

We do understand, our V-Tablet device is such a low power device, that it is probably hard to imagine that this doesn't impact the performance in any way.

The key to performance is in the architecture of the system. So instead of relying on a very high performance, battery hungry processors (as are used in mobile phones), we opted for a thin-client concept. This moves all the processing requirements to Visionect Server, which is feeding Visionect Devices with graphical data. As long as the data processing on the server is fast enough, all that remains is to compress the images and send them via the Wi-Fi link.

This also means that further performance upgrades can be done only in the core of the system (Visionect Server), without any tinkering with the devices – such a setup is much more future proof compared to regular consumer electronics.

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Thin-client approach moves all the processing requirements to the server, which is feeding electronic paper displays with graphical data.
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A short demo of Geoffrey table-top ordering application built on our V-Platform.

V-Platform is a production ready solution and has proven its high-performance. Just take a look at an actual HTML-based interface running on a 6" V-Tablet device. The product in the video is called Geoffrey, a table-top ordering system that has been used by hundreds of thousands of guests to order food, drinks and read news.

Fish animation running on ePaper at ~7 FPS.

Benchmarks in practice showed that our Visionect Server is capable of delivering graphical content without impairing device responsiveness, as the actual processing power in the device plays an insignificant role. You could even display an animated GIF in a regular HTML website and get a nice 5-8 fps animation. One caveat - while possible, fast updates deplete the battery much faster. e-paper is still a medium intended for static content, and streaming video (while possible) is not something you should do.

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