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Architecture meets technology: the JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition electronic paper room booking solution
26 October 2016 - Visionect is exclusively revealing its JOAN 9.7 Limited Edition room booking solution at ORGATEC, the leading international trade fair for office and commercial real estate in Cologne, Germany. The brand new display features a 9.7-inch E Ink® screen and cutting-edge Visionect power saving technology that offers superb battery autonomy of up to half a year.
Indoor digital signs are getting a tailored fit: introducing the new Joan Collection
30 September 2016 - The new Joan Collection featuring three new indoor digital displays moves away from the one-size-fits-all philosophy to satisfy the needs of different company profiles and fit into their office ecosystems.
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Singapore public transportation boasts arrival times on color electronic paper
4 August 2016 - Singapore has installed electronic paper information boards at select bus stops across the city, joining the world metropolises that have already discovered the advantages of arrival information displayed on Visionect-powered energy saving tech. This time in color!...
The future of signage: electronic paper now supports full color
28 July 2016 - A breakthrough development in e paper technology now allows e-paper to show its true colors for the first time ever. Forget the RGBW filters: we explain how the new full-color electrophoretic display prototype works and why it represents an important industry milestone. ...