+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com
+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com


The only place & play digital bus stop information board. Real-time bus arrivals, service notifications and site-specific information on a solar-powered, ready-to-use bus stop. No wires and no expensive infrastructure investments.  A full-stack solution to quickly validate and deploy a city-wide communications system.

Powered by Visionect, designed by Mercury Innovation.


Real-time information

Arrival times and advanced passenger information. In real time.

Off the grid

Completely independent from the electrical grid. Powered by solar energy, an abundant natural resource.

Uninterrupted functionality

Active even during power outages. Flawless operation in any weather.

Instant updates

Fully customizable via Wi-Fi and 4G. All locations at once, with just one click.

Readable at day and night

Paperlike daytime readability, even in direct sunlight.  Frontlight for impeccable nighttime visibility.

Energy optimization

Ultra low power consumption. Uses energy only when updating content.

Cost savings

Updates from a remote location. No need to physically visit the stop, decreasing the strain on staff.

Extreme power efficiency

99% more power efficient than comparable LCD or LED technologies.

Smart City

Essential part of the Smart City ecosystem. Greenest mobility.


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Take proactive control of your fleet and lower operating expenses, all without expensive infrastructure improvements.


Implement an effective transit management system. Easily manage critical city corridors and peak hours. Increase public transport ridership.


Help build the new era of public transport interactivity. Join your vision with cutting edge signage technology.

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