‘Sign of the Times’

‘Sign of the Times’ is a high-tech influencer art piece developed on Visionect’s patented low-power electronic paper technology. A 32-inch paperlike display enclosed in a high-end wooden frame, ‘Sign of the Times’ displays the the latest tweet from a specified Twitter account or the latest mention matching a search string, allowing you to keep track of history in the present.

Follow your favorite twitterati from the comfort of your living room, show breaking news on a giant, Kindle-like interactive display, or express your company culture by transforming your CEO tweets into reception artwork.

As seen on Mashable. Available in limited quantities.


10,000 Excluding tax

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technical information

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Product support

‘Sign of the Times’ is a third-party product and is not manufactured by Visionect, nor is it covered by Visionect warranty. The product is shipped from a third-party location, from Sweden.

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