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E-paper, driving evolution in London public transportation
Technoframe exhibited London’s first e-paper bus stop displays and world’s first application of e-paper bus destination shields, using the reflective E Ink® displays, powered by Visionect’s technology.

 E-paper, driving evolution in London public transportation
1 October 2015
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The new electronic paper displays for London bus stops and buses have been presented at the Coach and bus live exhibition in Birmingham, showcasing how this disrupting screen technology helps translate information and communication technologies into better public transportation services. But just as e-signage presents an opportunity for development of London’s transportation services, it is not without its challenges.

When building a sustainable and green urban living space, digital signs should support energy saving features, powering by alternative sources and superb visibility in all light conditions. Signs developed on electronic paper technology are ticking all of these boxes.

E-paper bus stop display
Technoframe developed electronic paper bus stop displays that can be charged with the solar energy.

Electronic paper on London buses and bus stops

Thanks to Transport for London, being open for the most innovative technology, the UK capital can now boast the most advanced and green of display technologies at several bus stops, also first buses have already been equipped with the destination blinds, build on the shatterproof electronic paper displays.

Technoframe developed London’s first e-paper bus stop displays and world’s first application of e-paper bus destination shields, using the E Ink® reflective displays that are powered by Visionect’s technology.

E-ink destination blinds
Worlds’s first e-paper bus destination shields exhibited at the Coach & Bus Live 2015.
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Smart cities on electronic paper: digitalized public transport information in Slovene capital
Electronic paper, driving the Smart City evolution
As part of the European Green Capital 2016 project the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, is implementing advanced passenger information displays; developed on electronic paper they enable extremely low energy consumption and feature minimal environmental impact. ...
Interconnected digital signs are a key element in the evolution of a city into a smart living space. In order to support a truly intelligent and sustainable urban environment, however, signage should be energy efficient, independent from the power grid and have superb visibility - all conditions that electronic paper more than fulfills. ...