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Carpooling, the electronic paper way
18 November 2016 - BePooler, a Swiss company, is making strides in sustainable mobility by providing free parking spots to commuters carpooling to work, an important advantage in areas where parking is scarce. For the first time anywhere, these pre-booked parking spaces are clearly marked through the use of real-time epaper signs powered by Visionect.
Interview with Barrett Comiskey, father of electronic ink: “Our objective was to give life to the surfaces around us”
27 May 2016 - We chatted with Barrett Comiskey, one of the fathers of electronic ink, about the beginnings of the technology and what the future holds for the energy-saving display. Along with JD Albert and Joseph Jacobson, his co-inventors, Comiskey has just been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Jobs.
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Did you know? Epaper holds an image even without power
27 October 2015 - One of the best features of eInk is the fact that the screen will retain the image displayed even when there is no electricity to power the digital sign. ...
Electronic paper, driving the Smart City evolution
26 September 2015 - Interconnected digital signs are a key element in the evolution of a city into a smart living space. In order to support a truly intelligent and sustainable urban environment, however, signage should be energy efficient, independent from the power grid and have superb visibility - all conditions that electronic paper more than fulfills. ...