+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com
+386 1 600 58 60 info@visionect.com

Systems Engineer (Containers / Kubernetes)

Visionect, the premier designer and developer of ultra-low-power digital display solutions created on electronic paper technology, is looking for a Linux systems engineer.

Send your applications to jobs@visionect.com and include a CV.

Your role:

As a systems engineer will help us deploy, manage and monitor internal systems and the external services infrastructure. You will help us build the next generation of services as well as upgrade and migrate our existing systems to a more container-centric approach. You will deploy our Python and Go based services via Docker and Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

What is it like to work in engineering at Visionect:

  • You’ll use modern and interesting technologies. We’re known for moving with new technologies if they perform better than the legacy stuff. The best part about this is that we listen to your suggestions on what to change – we’ve done some drastic changes this way (like rewritten complete Visionect Software Suite in Go after one of the team members suggested this).
    Our technology stack includes: Python/Django, Go, React/Javascript, GCP, PostgreSQL, Influx, Grafana, Prometheus, Ansible.
  • You’ll work in a great team. We tend to hire good team players that go out of their ways to help others on the team. This might be just a one-off problem that you need help with or a full-on mentorship programme that will help you develop your skills in those blind spots.
  • You’re empowered. We’re a small team, building a fully vertically integrated solution on the scale of Apple (from hardware circuit to server admin web-app). We would not gotten so far if we didn’t empower the team to act and take ownership of projects and products.
  • Your work will have impact and scale. We deploy huge numbers of devices yearly across the world (primarily US and EU). Whatever you do will be felt by thousands of customers the next day. A simple optimization can improve customers satisfaction in a most tangible way: we regularly get customer sending emails congratulating the team on improvements deployed.
  • You’ll grow. We make sure you’re on track to grow every year with regular 1:1 reviews. You’ll set your goals and we’ll help you achieve them through internal coachings, mentorships, tech talks. And it’s not just tech – we have a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts that work together to achieve their personal goals.

We are offering:

  • Employment in our Ljubljana HQ. If you’re the right person for the job, we will help you with your relocation.
  • Competitive pay and compensation, with full medical insurance and paid leave.
  • A creative environment, freedom to think and explore, and to advance new ideas and thoughts.
  • Top talent and probably the strongest coffee anywhere.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Daily operations: Deploying, management and monitoring of servers and services.
  • Improving internal processes: Adding automation wherever sensible, making sure we’re not wasting time on mindless drone tasks while at the same time improving QA.
  • Support to developers: Working with developers and providing them with support during development as well as guidance on how to improve (aka “SRE embed”).
  • Architectural work: we’re building the next generation of our infrastructure and your input will be needed to help us decide the direction to go in.

Skills, attributes and experience required:

  • Knowledge of Linux/*nix system administration.
  • Programing experience.
  • Experience with modern DevOps practices (server orchestration, configuration management, automated deploys, monitoring, … ).
  • Experience with containers (Docker).
  • Experience with IaaS providers (you’ve deployed services on AWS, Azure or similar).
  • Experience with good security practices.
  • Good programming skills are a big plus (especially if you’re versed in Python or Go Lang).
  • Proper infrastructure experience is a big plus – you’ve deployed a global service with more than just a handful of users in production.
  • Network communication security on the level of networking protocols is a big plus – you would know how to protect a custom. networking protocol running on top of TCP/IP against various attacks.
  • Kubernetes experience is welcome – especially if you’ve run K8S in production.
  • Google Cloud Platform experience is a big plus.


The company:

Founded in 2007, Visionect is the premier designer and developer of ultra-low-power digital display solutions created on electronic paper technology.

Visionect’s mission is to empower people in public spaces to make better decisions by delivering more relevant, timely information, supported by digital displays easily installed in locations impossible before.

The company is known for its JOAN room scheduler and the Place & Play product line, while partnerships with leading industry players have resulted in cutting-edge signage technology for traffic and public transportation, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, finance and more.